Guitar Hero Guys: Not Everyone Wants to Rock out With Rock Band

Red Octane's president explains that Rock Band "requires more instruments, more people… might be too complex for the mass market."

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4870d ago

It's too much plastic to have at my house.

resistance1004870d ago

The overall price of Rock Band has put me off it, but i love guitar hero games ^_^

Adamalicious4869d ago

The Rock Band Bundle costs about the same as GH3 with an extra guitar for 360 or PS3, but 3 people can play right out of the box.

Awesomeo30004870d ago

play a real instrument its a much better

vaan4870d ago

Still doesn't not take away from how great Guitar Hero III is. I'm loving it. It's great fun, and IMO it has a way better track list than Rock Band.
I'm sure Rock Band will be fun, but I agree that it's more complex trying to get 3 peeps at your house and having tons of peripherals about.
Having said that, the GH3 les paul is compatible with Rock Band, so if I ever want to play it (guitar parts) I can.
Try Raining Blood on Expert!

Mikey_Gee4869d ago

I have been playing guitar for over 22 years and doing gigs for a good 15 of those.

I still love GH ...

Salvadore4870d ago

I will wait until next year, when RockBand peripherals can be bought separately.

Mallow4869d ago

"might be too complex for the mass market."

Indeed, might be too complex if the mass market is a bunch of 6 year olds. It isn't, so, there you go.

jackdoe4869d ago

Maybe not everyone, but probably more people than the people that want to rock with Guitar Hero.

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