How Protests Against Games Cause Them To Sell More Copies

Those who organize protests about violent video games would do well to realize that the net effect of said protests is inevitably to cause the game to sell even more copies than it would have with no attention.

Not long ago, video games were thought to be a fad, here one day and gone the next. The industry crash in 1983 was thought to be the death knell, until Nintendo captured Christmas in 1985. It's been all uphill from there, and it's obvious now that the video game – or, perhaps more appropriately, interactive digital entertainment – is here to stay. But for all its success and growth, the video game itself is still a medium in its infancy, and like comic books and film in their earliest days, new media tend to be misunderstood and attacked by some.

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MyNutsYourChin4865d ago

Quick, everyone protest Link's Crossbow Training!

ben8064864d ago

i think i will make children go out and shoot crossbows at puppies! stop the game now.

witchking4864d ago

Does this mean that Jack Thompson actually works FOR the games industry?