Toshiba HD DVD A-2 players sell out at Best Buy

It would appear that the recent price reduction for the Toshiba HD DVD players is having an effect on sales. After the announced price drop retailers such as Best Buy are selling out of the popular next generation DVD player.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

that's a good price. Blu ray do something or risk loosing your lead. It's up to you. K-mart is like dead but you should know they also went with HD DVD because of price.

Sony messing with too much, they could end up F*cken on both fronts if they aren't careful.

shmee4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

PS3 owners buy BD discs

HD DVD cannot counter millions of new ps3 owners this XMAS.

HD DVD is almost gone in EU and is non existent in JAPAN

even in NA Transformers couldnt surge HD DVD past BD for even a singel week.

With Pirates and Spidey (on the 2nd with 40gig ps3) due this Fall u can determine the outcome of this war


BD : HD DVD this week. Transformer couldnt do anything

BD : HD DVD = 62.2 % : 37%

with spidey 3 due this week u can predict the sales next week


goodganja4865d ago

HD-DVD was dead on arrival. Now it's the same price as that gimmick add on for 360? Whooptie f*cking doo. Truth is there's over 6 million blu ray owners and will be over 20 million in 2008 alone. Blu-Ray is going to dominate right along with DominationStation 3 and if you dont see that, you're blind.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

Kholinar4865d ago

"Blu ray need not do anything

PS3 owners buy BD discs

HD DVD cannot counter millions of new ps3 owners this XMAS.

HD DVD is almost gone in EU and is non existent in JAPAN"

I hope the BRA listens to you, at least long enough for this to become a stalemate and til the only option is dual format. I don't have any preference for either, but this war is ridiculous.

If the BR camp was really as sure of things as you are they wouldn't be having rallies and flaming press releases every couple of days. So I might be disappointed.

AllanWakker4865d ago

This is just a clearance sale of the old model players. People are probably picking up copies to sell years from now as novelty items on eBay.

Looks at worldwide BluRay vs the dead HD-DVD format sales.

Yep, HD-DVD still dead...

Darkiewonder4865d ago

I'm pretty sure there are like other companies, that you know, support blu-ray too. :O

SIX4865d ago

Blu Ray is already in a good position. However, I think Sony needs to do whatever possible and match anything Toshiba doe's to make sure they keep that lead. If they can't lower the prices of stand alone BR players. At least make Blu Ray movies a couple dollars cheaper. I actually think this would be a bigger counter than lowering the price of hardware. I remember reading somewhere that they have found a new way to produce cheaper Blu Ray movies.

cuco334865d ago

You can tell by his fanboyistic trolling posts.

Guys, let's face it, HDM as a whole isn't where neither side wants it to be. Please don't preach BD is outselling HD DVD in other regions if you are from North America. History has already proven countless times that a format can run on it's own in each region. Are you from EU or Japan? No, then why brag about it?

To be on topic, this is good news! Toshiba is trying to enter people's homes with HDM unlike what the BDA seems to be doing, by relying on a game console (PS3) and worrying about disk sales.

Wanna see something on why disk sales don't matter right now?
That shows Spidey BD set is outranked by an unknown comic's DVD.

Embrace both, be a movie fanboy, not a format fanboy.

I just find it hysterical how the Sony fanboys are the only ones to publicly preach how HD DVD is dead when in fact in NA it is gaining momentum. Both formats are great. Neither do anything better than the other. I won't get into, I don't want to school you guys.

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SimmoUK4865d ago

Interesting Blu-Ray is still in the best position but it depends how many general consumers now buy hddvd not the ones just waiting for a price drop, we should hear from the blu-ray camp soon there very vocal...

SmokeyMcBear4865d ago

man there are gonna be a lot of pissed of hd-dvd adopters next year. oh well

chester4865d ago

why? i can't wait for one or the other to fail, because that's when i'll be picking them up along with cheap next-gen movies. it'll be great.

shmee4865d ago

see the BD : HD DVD disc sales trends .

BD is extending lead all over . SPiderman 3 has hit the scene too and we see its effects with the 40 gig on 2nd November, 2007.

I wont be surprised if BD extends it lead massively over HD DVD this XMAS given BD's better lineup spearheaded by Spidey 3 and Pirates 3

Baron794865d ago

Only Spiderman 3 and Pirates 3 are absolute $hithole movies. And it looks like HD-DVD is extending it's lead in stand alone player sales , as proof in this story. So you may want to rethink your perdiction.

gtgcoolkid4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

WE ARE DOOMED! Just kidding. BD will still beat out HD-DVD. At least thats my opinion.

Edit; Heh. I love it how everyone turns into an analyst when these "news" stories come in. For all products, 360, ps3, bd, hd-dvd, etc it will take a fraction of time for the mud slinging to start. Therefor I will become an analyst as well. I am looking closely because exclusives will win this war I think and they are with BD. I am not making this up but starting with this week, the sales will be really good for BDs. I personally thought it was sad when Paramount had to fudge the data to make it seem news worthy for transformers and that says it all.