Pedophile Playground Discovered in 'Second Life' Virtual World

Britain's Sky News TV channel on Tuesday uncovered a virtual playground hidden away behind a strip mall in "Second Life" - a playground where little girls who looked about 10 years old offered the Sky reporter's avatar, or virtual representative, a variety of sex acts.

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ruibing4870d ago

They really need to start moderating those areas more and players who wander into these areas need to be actively alerting moderators of them. It is really sad that this is where the wonders of the computer age lead us...

Bloodmask4869d ago

Thts why there are laws to stop people like this. But the internet gives these sexual predators more freedom. Little do they know their IP can be easily traced.

ruibing4869d ago

For once, I agree with you whole heartily. Freedom with responsibility.

gamesR4fun4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Sic but better fantasy than r/l imo I mean if a pedo can get their kicks this way rather than r/l should we ban it?

I dont think any real substantial studies have been made on this but we do have one here in a Canadian jail. They actually made a vr world in full blooming 3d for pedos to 'play' with children sic has it may be almost all stated a preference for the virtual girls over r/l...
Now in my mind has a father I gota say Id rather eddie the molester get released with access to this test program and monitoring than wandering the playgrounds. That and if they actually made the punishment fit the crime has a pedo will have such a heavy effect on the life of their victim. 3-4 years in protective custody isnt enough for ruining someones life. More importantly we need to get potential pedos out of the wild and into programs that work no matter what it takes.

MyNutsYourChin4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Pedophiles should NEVER "get their kicks" as you have stated and virtual expressions such as this desensitize the attacker to the truth of his/her sick and vile fantasy. Additionally, this acts as a hub for all the sick f*cks to trade their photos, video, and media of their real life evil acts on their innocent victims. NO TOLERANCE should be given for f*ck head pedophiles. NO TOLERANCE at all.

There is no trade off for such a sickness. The ones there acting out their digusting fantasies are likely the ones who have actually done it in real life.

@ Kholinar: I like your avatar but also FYI, desensitization is a natural phenomena and no one can escape it. However, in a civilized society, the desensitization of violence is minimal due to the fact that it isn't rampant. Unnaturally increasing the desensitization to such a subject (as we are doing with violent movies and violent video games) is probably not the best thing to do if we would like to minimize the violence within our society. I would also like to note that the influence of viewing or partaking in REAL LIFE violent or sexual acts is by far more desensitizing then watching it on TV.

Kholinar4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

"should NEVER "get their kicks" as you have stated and virtual expressions such as this desensitize the attacker to the truth of his/her sick and vile fantasy."

Hmmm... interesting. I'm really not trolling here, but how that statement different than what censors are saying about Manhunt?

Again, not saying that Manhunt should be banned or that this is right, but if games desensitize, they desensitize, period.

I shall watch this thread with interest.

edit: Not disagreeing. Just wondering where that leaves us with things like Manhunt. I agree that doing things is much worse, it seems, though, that we're getting closer and closer to participation that may become indistinguishable. The movie Existenze was a great example.

royalracoon4870d ago

They shouldn't be allowed out, end of story. Get caught and it is off with your nuts and let loose in general population with a sign that says "I touch little kids"

See how long they last. If it is longer then 5 minutes that is to long.

mccomber4870d ago

comment is so on point; this is part of the whole slippery slope we fall into of "well, this is ok, but that's not ok". I'm not trying to defend pedophiles in any way, shape or form because that crime is one of the worst there is, period.
At the same time, it's interesting how quickly many jump on the "well, it desensitizes them to the act" thought process for something like this, but when the games we enjoy that are full of violence are attacked it's a whole different matter.

Silver Bull3t4870d ago

I don't care if it's virtual or not... that sh!t is just sick and it's not a healthy urge that needs to be nurtured you dumbass...

If you assume simulating the act with minors virtually will placate their desires in the r/l you're stoned. Why not have some alcoholics get together for a virtual drink and then ask them if they desired a drink for real. duh. Certain goofball misdirected desires need to be called out for what they are... WRONG! This is just sadistic temptation.

Creating a virtual space where this kind of behavior is accepted is very not cool.

Jeezus Christ I fear for my kids.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

That's a cool name. When I become a game developer that's what I'm gonna call my game. It's gonna be something with clowns and kids. Sorta like Twisted Metal Black. Sweet Tooth is cool. You think of ice cream trucks, it just has a cool art style.

MyNutsYourChin4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

I've reported your username, avatar, and comment list to the FBI. No tolerance.

EDIT: I think you should delete your comment all together instead of changing it to hide your cowardly and disfunctional attempt at humor. If you really believe this subject is "funny" or that deriving humor from it is acceptable, I suggest you get some serious mental help. Especially before you make a comment like that again in front of someone like me who would not hesitate to break your neck.

Syko4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Look Lightning we can change our comments too, Dumbass...

@ATL, Agreed but my original comment wasn't a shot at the PS3 it was more aimed at Lighting's inbred-Daddy never loved me ass.

ATLRoAcH4870d ago

I don't want that disturbing crap on PS3.Seeing how this is a serious subject lets leave consoles out of this.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4870d ago

"I've reported your username, avatar, and comment list to the FBI. No tolerance."

Please... I'll report you to the FBI for makings threats.

MyNutsYourChin4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

FBI = N4G, douchebag. Like the FBI is going to investigate some once posted immature comment on a gaming website. Grow up and stop deriving humor from serious material such as pedophilia. Nothing is funny about such a twisted and intolerable act.

WilliamRLBaker4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Lighting I support you, create that game, push boundries I would much rather these people be able to exorcise there urges in a safe enviorment, then do it to real kids.

which is why i say MR BLUE SKY!
It will be a game some day, it will be the ultimate murder/rape simulator you will be able to do any thing you want at any time.

I support you lighting.

Because we all know that if you do something in agame and enjoy it then you must do it in real life right? that means I must kill aliens and enjoy it, I kill people and enjoy it, I all so jump on pet turtles and enjoy it.

InMyOpinion4870d ago

Don't mind him, he's probably not very old and definately not like other boys...

TheSadTruth4870d ago

I was gonna say a joke like

"This is awesome! I just signed up an account immediately after watching the video!!!!!"

But obviously the majority of n4g members are too gullible to pick up on jokes

Silver Bull3t4870d ago

wtf is "PHOTO-file playground"?

This is about 'tards that try to screw kids. If your spamming the article trying to be funny, you need to go somewhere else.

happyjimmy4866d ago

I always knew there was something wrong with lightning. Never trust the emos (no ofence to any other emos here)

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AnalFace4870d ago

Thats sick but when i saw the description i LOLed!