Resistance Client Update v6 (1st November)

From the mod of EU PS forum:

"Our latest update to the game includes some changes to balance online play, more flexibility for the custom game setup and multiplayer screenshots too! Importantly, it also includes a new option for you to password protect your rooms so now clan matches should be easy to run."

Click on the link to find out the detail.

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resistance1004871d ago

Rumble coming to resistance is all i need ^_^

Now i just have to wait for YesAsia to send me mine, hopefully will be here by the end of November

C_SoL4870d ago

its just too much..does anybody know other places that sell it cheaper over the web?....

C_SoL4870d ago

Halo 3 copied the Backlash Grenade in RESISTANCE...with that bubble shield thingy they have in that commercial of HALO 3...