Microsoft full of passionate gamers

Speaking to Pro-G in an interview to be published on the site tomorrow, Sarah Chudley, Bizarre Creations Commercial Director, has revealed what it was like working with Microsoft at the start of the Xbox project.

"It was a big shock! We expected them to be corporate, accountancy-driven and really officious," explained Chudley. "However, from the very top down they were a company of friendly and passionate gamers, to which the games mattered as top priority."

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kss4491d ago

yeah full of gay gamers

JasonPC360PS3Wii4491d ago

poor baby don't have anything to play but movies waaah waaah waaah! are you throwing a temper tantrum? need a kleenex don't cry you will get a game or two one day, sniff sniff

kingfury4491d ago

Xbox 360 is the only console i've ever seen where fanboys would rather make love to it than actually making love to a real woman.

XBOX is not a replacement for a girl, you fanboys need to get laid.

kss4491d ago (Edited 4491d ago )

kiss my ass jason xg1

AngryTypingGuy4490d ago

It's no secret that Bill Gates himself was passionate and excited about the 360. I'm sure that there are people in all 3 companies that are passionate about games, and some that are more corporate and money-oriented.

mesh14490d ago

JUST look at the games out for 360 and ull know 90% of mgs ppl are true gamers they wont let crap get realesed liek in other consols its the 1st time in gaming ive seen this .