Analyst: Buy Now, Console Shortages Could Be A Factor This Holiday

In his latest interactive entertainment industry update, Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian painted a rosy picture overall, as he noted that industry sales trends "remain generally healthy through late October leading up to the key holiday selling season," but he also highlighted "several potential risks to the sector this fall, including hardware supply constraints and lower PS2 and Wii software pricing."

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

and maybe not for XBOX 360 either. The only console with real shortage problems is the Wii in my opinion.

The only problem might be not being able to find the model you want or something. There's so many different sku's of both XBOX 360 and PS3 now.

For PS3, I know all the sku's. For XBOX 360 I gave up at arcade and falcon and premuim with and without HDMI, and core. And I don't know what else. Premuims with different parts in them and what not.

shmee4869d ago

people in NA are concious about pricing and nothing else. Wii sells because it costs less.

PS3 and X360 have hit mass market pricing. I wont be surprised if wii ends up being third this holiday

How many people actually play wii after purchase (a FAD)

What is wii's answer to Uncharted, Mass effect, Heavenly sword and Ratchet and clank.

nothing. It is a fAD and will die this XMAS . mark my words

Kuest4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

*puts down pencil*

shmee, I'm afraid you do not understand what mass-market price is. Historically, $300 and LESS has always been the magic number. Hence, a price tag of $400 will still fail to attract most MAINSTREAM consumers.

Now, you may say "things are different now". Ask yourself, how? Please keep in mind that what a product offers in COMPARISON to previous generations does not really matter- its the consumer's income level that does. How much, percent-wise, has income risen from 2001? 2002? Well, what about 2004? Need I say more.

ErcsYou4869d ago

i agree... finding a 40gb ps3 or arcade360 might be difficult but their is still a 80gb ps3, premium 360,elite 360 and halo 360. If you want a wii for it now.

lawman11084869d ago

Plenty of PS3's folks don't you worry. You may want to get that 360 you had your eye on with softwear numbers like THESE! Xbox 360: hardware to software ratio: 6.59 (hardware total sold = 6.8 million; software total sold = 44.8 million)
PlayStation 3: hardware to software ratio: 3.58 (hardware total sold = 1.9 million; software total sold = 6.8 million)
Wii: hardware to software ratio: 3.44 (hardware total sold = 4.5 million; software total sold = 15.5 million)

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ATLRoAcH4869d ago

I think PS3s are going to sell more this holiday season then people think.I don't know about a shortage but I bet they sell good.All my friends that have played mine want one.

shmee4869d ago

40 gig has ignited quite a lot of buzz

I predict ps3 to sell very well this XMAS. x360 would do well too atleast in NA.

But i feel people will give up on wii. That is a FAD.

DS and PSP will do very well worldwide this XMAS

Bill Gates4869d ago

I'm glad I bought the 60G PS3 when I did a while back. I have one of the one's with the Emotion Engine inside instead of that imulation crap.

PS3 > 360, in every away....AHAHAHHAHAHAH

kss4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

you rock bill sorry i couldnt help it but its actually emulation

goodganja4869d ago

It's good to see Nasim back. One of the few who told the truth to these bots. Have a bubble on me man.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

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