Boomtown reviews Ratchet:- TOD - 9/10

This is what the reviewer said :-

" Overall Ratchet & Clank provides a lengthy and very enjoyable gaming experience that PS3 owners will relish. It's definitely one of the first games on the system that many will consider 'must own', and if you're a fan of platforming action, and want to show off your lovely new HDTV-PS3 combination, (perhaps with a Home Theatre Kit too? The soundtrack is pretty great, especially within the cinematics) Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction brings the previous generation's top gameplay, injects it with a few Sixaxis treats and pumps up the presentation to a top standard for a package that few will want to miss. Plus it'll last you longer than Heavenly Sword. "

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Blackmoses4869d ago

ALRIGHT ALREADY!!!!! We get the point Gamespot screwed the pooch!!!

Almighty4869d ago

And got today a 6/10 from GamesTM.

LOL Pstards.