Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition – VGS Review

VGS writes "Being a huge fan of everything Street Fighter, I paid for the 15 buck download as soon as I could find it on the store. The DLC itself adds rebalancing to SSFIV and also adds 4 new characters."

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JohnnyMann4204548d ago

I love this game. I am sure my profile pic gives that away, though.

Ddouble4548d ago

Evo's going to be a Yun and Yang fest.


Go for Pro - Capcom Cup

A look at the upcoming Capcom Cup as well as all the latest news and results in the eSports world.

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London’s Latest Arcade : VEGA London

HelenBaby writes : "It’s always a cause for celebration when a new arcade opens, so we are pleased to announce that, as of last Monday (September 21st) London has its latest gaming venue! Joining the prestigious ranks of Namco Funscape, Las Vegas Soho and The Four Quarters ; VEGA London (as it is known) is located in the basement of a building known from the outside as VEGAS. It represents the building’s video game arcade section (the ground level floor is populated with gambling machines, in a similar setup to the Las Vegas arcade in Soho). VEGA London is a miniature arcade, yes, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for with in-demand arcade titles. Combine this with being situated in one of the most achingly cool neighborhoods in Central London (Angel, Islington) and you begin to appreciate what a formidable little pocket rocket this awesome little venue is".

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Go for Pro - Canberra Vs NorCAL

Player2's regular eSports wrap up looks at two very different Street Fighter tourney's from opposite sides of the globe.

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