Kane & Lynch's gold heist moved up to Nov. 14

Though "Black Friday" isn't until the day after Thanksgiving, November 20 was shaping up to be doomsday for gamers' wallets. The Tuesday will see Rock Band, Mass Effect, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, and Time Crisis 4 all hit store shelves the day after the PC Unreal Tournament III goes on sale.

However, today the November 20 herd was thinned by one. British publisher Eidos Interactive has announced that its anticipated crime-action game Kane & Lynch has gone gold and will ship six days early on November 14. The M-for-Mature-rated game will ship simultaneously for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

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Crazyglues4871d ago

Aww yes this is good news... Get ahead of the pack and get the consumers money before they end up buying other games.

Not everyone will just wait, some people, most people just buy games as soon as they come out. So they have a better chance this way.

Eclipticus4871d ago

sweet. actually, it might be a good move on the publishers part. but either way. im getting a bunch of games this month. 4 to be exact.
assasins creed, Mass Effect. Kane and lynch and Umbrella chronicles, so i can finally dust off and hook up my wii again. WIII

Alcohog4871d ago

I probably won't get this until after Christmas so the GF doesn't get too pissy. Thank God my birthday falls in November, but between Uncharted, R&C, and COD4...I don't think I can justify a third in the next 30 days. Plus I have to buy Christmas gifts for people too. [face_doh]

razer4871d ago

I am picking this one up and almost all the new titles on the 20th (for PS3 & 360). The money is there now I just need to wait.

Edwin19894871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

Ehm.. can somebody just wake me up? is this a dream?? HELLOOOO!!!

a ps3 game coming out earlier then expected??? I don't believe it! :O

on topic: can someone please tell me what makes this game so special, because I have absolutely no clue :)

razer4871d ago

is the Multiplayer Bank Robberies. You can get a team together and hold up a bank, somebody watches for the cops, someone controls the tellers and customers and someone snatches up the loot.. I guess the single player has a lot of this type of criminal activities in the campaign..

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