Gamer 2.0 reviews Ratchet :- TOD - 9.3/10

This is what the reviewer said :-

" All in all, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction is a return to form for the Ratchet & Clank series and it shows that not every graphical showcase has to feature stunning realism. It's nice to have a light-hearted game that's also a platformer, as platformers in general have been lacking so far this generation in lieu of shooters, racers, and sports games. Insomniac has definitely hit another one out of the park for PS3 owners, so make sure you save some of that holiday cash for Tools of Destruction amongst the other big games of the holiday season.

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jackfatal4869d ago

of the ps3 era!! from this time on its only going high very high by mid 2008 it will reach the sky and no one will be near accept wii!

Almighty4869d ago

And got today a 6/10 from GamesTM.

LOL Pstards.

gamehendge4869d ago

So applying your logic we will always judge games by their lowest score. I knew Halo was a 7.0.

mithril4869d ago

Almighty, why your in PS3 section if you don't like PS3 , this post is on PS3 only section. I understand when a post is on PS3,360 and wii, many users can start war, but you are here only for negative post.

Please go enjoy games on your console and don't post this kind of S.... here.

read rules please:
Give constructive and intelligent feedback/criticism/comments to the news post.

Almighty4869d ago

And got today a 6/10 from GamesTM.

LOL Pstards.

harpua4869d ago

nice double post. I think there is a tutorial and FAQ section that goes over how to post properly you should check out.

lil bush4869d ago

i watched yesterdays episode of x-play and they gave [email protected]: TOD a 5/5 or 10/10, if you dont beleive just wait and see

gunnerforlife4869d ago

if u dont like ps3 why the fuk ave u got hes pick on ur avatar ur just a begging fan boi