Will the new 40GB PS3 sell?

Hitting Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Africa next week, a new 40GB PlayStation three looks to have a more palatable price point. But there is one major drawback of the new model.

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Antan4871d ago

Does a bear sh!t in the woods?

Pain4871d ago

LMAO!! couldnt have said it beter.

Mr PS34871d ago

Does an xbox suffer from RROD
OF course its gonna sell and what with a great november of games to look forward too and with a mighty lineup of game's and Blu ray movies the PS3 will have by the end of next year the PS3 will be untouchable
SORRY sad little xbots but you see the PS3 owners are all pumped about next year are you!!!NO

fury4871d ago

i laughed so damn hard. damn...thank you for the laugh bro

Baba19064871d ago

i would so buy this version if i wouldnt allready own one. ps2 games? no need anymore. thats history.

BloodySinner4871d ago

That's exactly what Sony wants gamers to think.

shmee4871d ago

they want people to buy a 100% defective console that charges for useless online, has a old dvd drive has no wifi and breaks within 2 days

An x360 has no games too and plays at 640 p.
Gears and Bioshock are on PC too.

50$ for useless online
no HDMI 1.3 support
no next gen player --200 for a useless HD DVD (dead format ) add on that plays only movies
no wifi --and 100$ to buy a wifi

total of 800$ that is what nasty XBOTS wasnt people to 800$ for a backdated and defective console with no games

BloodySinner4871d ago

Say bye-bye to bubble, nasim. Creating a new account won't save you.

fury4871d ago

...any better BloodySinner?

Baba19064871d ago

sure thats what sony wants people to think, becouse it makes sense. i never palyed ps1 games when i bought my ps2. there are so many fun games to play in next gen. and if someone really is a hardcore fan, he can pay more money or keep his ps2.

ruibing4871d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself. If I wasn't in college, I would probably buy another for my folks as a home media center for them.

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PimpHandHappy4871d ago

in Redmond WA they sh1t on the consumer

i kid i kid

smeg0rz4871d ago

are u serious? Have you looked at the europe figures? ITS SELLING LIKE F))K U IDIOTS, JESUS WHAT A STUPID POST MADE BY FANBOY TEENAGERS

eyeh4871d ago

My goodness. not again. Aren't there weeks of posts about this?

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The story is too old to be commented.