Zero Punctuation video review of MOH: Airborne

This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee parachutes into EA's Medal of Honor Airborne.

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Twizlex4870d ago

This guy is freakin' hilarious. It's nice how someone can rip into any game no matter how good it is a find valid reasons to bust on it. Genius...

Timesplitter144870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

This guy is hilarious and intellectual. Everything he said was funny and very true as well. He's my favorite reviewer (partly because he didn't fall in the Halo 3 hype train and gave Bioshock and Half-Life 2 the credit they diserved)

And before someone asks, I'm an American and I'm not blindly supporting any war we get in.

Bigmac5734870d ago

Im a little hurt by this, but good nonetheless.

Twizlex4870d ago

Well, everyone besides the U.S. views the U.S. this way, so he does a pretty good job of describing how much the rest of the world hates us and why. You can't really say any of it was wrong, no matter how patriotic you may be. If you actually spend an extended period of time outside the States, you start to see it from the outside and you realize the rest of the world might be right.

Now, let's see how many people are going to call me a terrorist...

Bigmac5734870d ago

US glory will live on through history in WWII.

BloodySinner4870d ago

Glory? What's there to be so proud of?

techie4870d ago

So he's absolutely right when he says that the rest of the world wants to forget about ww2...but America like to march around screaming glory and rubbing it in Europe's faces?

Ashta4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

How the rest of the world talks crap about America but wont try anything lest they have a wrathful giant stomping upon their soil.

We wear boots made for stompin'

Anyways! Truth be told the only reason why America has such a hard time dealing with insurgencies and leaving the world scratching their heads as to why the conflict isnt already over is simple: "Progressive Liberalism and the Anti-War movement Democrat leadership"

Congress is trying to micro-manage a battlefield conflict and the constitution actually does not allow that sort of power to be spread about. Not to mention they are trying to hamper training and financial backing to the troops in the middle east without actually defunding the war. Remember, Defunding the war in Vietnam created a maelstrom of violence and our instantaneous pullout created a vacuum which resulted in the killing fields of cambodia. How? Warlords fought over the land and without us to police the fell in to chaos and was razed.

The Iraq War is screwed just like Vietnam. However, and I am so sad to reveal actual truth to any of you who happen to be liberals, it actually isn't Bush's fault. The War could have ended over a year ago had Congress politely kept its foaming mouth shut and would quit creating non-binding resolution after non-binding resolution and just stick to funding the reconstruction and stabilization of Iraq.

As for the rest of the world? Next time you guys need all that disaster relief money or want us to help rebuild something after a tsunami, hurricane, earthquake, tornado, or diabolical dictator hits call France or something.

Ahem...All that aside Yahtzee is a effin' genius and I pretty much think his review of the game is spot on. Viva La patriotism....or something to that tune.

Twizlex4870d ago

Well, the U.S. wouldn't even exist if France didn't help us beat the English, but you don't see Ubisoft pumping out Revolutionary War games every year proving how awesome the French are.

Baba19064870d ago

oh forgetting ww2 is deffenitly not the right thing to do. we should allways remember what happened there. and well the world doesnt hate america, they hate its politics and that kind of stuff. i know many very nice americans and we like a lot of things that come from there,like movies, music, art, tecnology and so on. but yeah when a country votes for bush twice in a row it scares some countrys.

Twizlex4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Yes, American people can be nice, as long as they stay in their own country. Once they start visiting other countries, that's where the whole "Ugly American" thing comes into play. We're just too ignorant of other people's cultures and expect certain things (like everyone speaking English) just because we're so awesome.

Ashta4870d ago

As an "arrogant American" I just think that I have a right to be proud of my country and pretty much thumb my nose at anyone who sees differently.

As for France and their awesomeness?....heh.

That said I commend them on actually creating an energy efficient society that runs off of Nuclear Energy instead of buckling under the senseless pressure of the "green ecomaniacs" of today. At least this time they didn't surrender and it paid off. Sorry, had to toss in a surrender joke. Remember, "Arrogant American" :P

Actually Twizlex the French didn't arrive until the very end when the American forces drove the enemy back in to the ocean. Englands forces were retreating and the French barricaded them from high-tailing it back home and thus we crushed them in to the sea. Completely helpful and much needed. However, the comment of "America wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the french" is quite a bit inaccurate. You see, we had already "won" before the french arrived so nice try.

As for our Citizens and Americans being nice.....well duh. I, all joking aside now, love our friends (what little we have) across the waters and yes, I know I poke fun, I even like the french. However, and i'm sure if you would step back and look for a moment, many of the nations who hate us and many of our own citizens who say that the reason is "Bush" can't ever give an actual reason as to why President Bush is a bad leader nor can they ever give an actual coherent response as to why the rest of the world might dislike us without falling in to foaming rabid vitriolic nonsense. I many of you guys actually watch the debates or follow the political news as closely as someone as myself. I search through articles and articles of news every single day to keep an eye on what my country may or may not be doing. I see news that most people never see, so it kinda grates me the wrong way when people have an opinion about my country and my people when it is, and not by a long shot, not a very well educated opinion at all.

Still, Yahtzee rules.

Rooted_Dust4870d ago

For the most part I believe Americans, including myself, are good people. The problem with Americans today is that they are apathetic and wouldn't raise a hand against the government until the Department of Homeland Security shows up on their doorstep, because they called G.W. a bad name. It's our government that has relieved itself of the restrictions the constitution placed on it. Now most Americans have a mistaken belief that it is our right to invade a nation on little to no intelligence and no provocation.

jay34870d ago

Jesus christ you guys this is a goddamn game review and all you are having hissy fits about some stuff he said about the US?

Man up, take a joke. I have a lot to add to this little space here but i'm going to try and resist...

Kuest4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

I almost cried in desperation as I read post after post about "America and the big, bad wolf".

OK, so not every country is perfect. No need to start rambling on about how stupid and dumb we BigMac loving fatties are? Seriously, where are YOU guys from?

Never-mind keeping posts relevant to this thread- Heck, just keep you comments relevant to this SITE.

Chris_GTR14870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

well u cant deny the fact that the US went halfwayy across the world and put a stop to the crazy people that took over all of europe. if they hadnt done anything everything would be controled by germany and they would of killed off all of the other races...:O

Kuest4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Enough about American history- this is a GAMING site!

Quick somebody start a flame war... PS3 sucks! Haha.


*sigh* close enough.

Chris_GTR14870d ago

...if the US didnt go in and save the world you wouldnt be playing ur video games right now,... ud be in a concentration camp. lol

ulath6664870d ago

No no no.

The americans part of the liberation of Europe from the nazis have been glorified for ages now on no real basis. They didnt want to get involved in the war, when the US army could have stopped hitler pretty early if the devoted a large enough force. The us only entered the war when hitler was already loosing, infact most historians will tell you that germany would have been defeated without US military. The russians alone could have crushed germany after destroying their forces in Russia, although that would problably just have been exchanging one dictator for another.

And dont even get me started on the nukes. One of the greatest war atrocity ever committed. The Japanese wanted to surrender before the bombs dropped, but instead of diplomatics the US killed an enormous amount of civilians. The Japanese signed an unconditional surrender, when all they wanted was to keep their emperor and government.

Chris_GTR14870d ago

so then why did they attack china and us islands.

Timesplitter144870d ago

And what if these people have good reasons to be ripping the US? Ever thought about that?

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HeartlesskizZ4870d ago

that is so true. the enemies always looked uglier and WW2 is actually going longer then it did in real life haha funny guy.

osirisomeomi4870d ago

I always find his reviews right on the money. He's obviously a jaded gamer, but his points are always spot on. As a gamer who also doesn't really care about multiplayer, I find his reviews the most accurate and honest on the web.

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