Snake talks MGS4 & More: David Hayter Interview

Gametrailers offers up a video of David Hayter (a.k.a. Solid Snake) being interviewed by UltraNeko.

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MK_Red4871d ago

David Hayter RULES. He is one of the reasons I love the first X-Men so much.
It's a cool video but I was hoping for more Snake voices. The Homer part near the end was awesome though.

jackfatal4871d ago

what can i do to get a job like David Hayter?
am sure i can do many hard men charectors voices!
i can make many voices but am not sure if they are special who how can i find this kind of jobs?

AliC4871d ago

UltraNeko was somewhat annoying however.

MK_Red4871d ago

Agreed but who cares about that when we have Solid Snake sounding like Homer Simpson?

mighty_douche4871d ago

that bird is f*cking annoying, David should of slapped her!

xionpunk4871d ago

Then you better start At least 10 packs a day.

SpenserTracy4871d ago

I like her boobs=) Shes hot.

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