Toshiba DVR: HD-DVD's unnecessary

HD DVD backer Toshiba has unveiled a digital video recorder (DVR) that can archive HD broadcasts onto standard DVD discs. The Vardia RD-A301 uses an HD transcoder to convert HD broadcasts from their native MPEG 2 format into MPEG 4 AVC. Toshiba claims its transcoder compresses the HD video enough for it to be burnt onto a 4.7GB DVD-R – whilst retaining the broadcast picture quality.

Toshiba said that two hours of HD video could be recorded onto a single-layer DVD - a 15-minute job using the Vardia's 8x burner. However, the unit also includes a 300GB hard drive and supports playback of a range of HD DVD and DVD discs, including HD DVD-R and DVD-RW respectively. On the flipside, it'll also record to HD DVD-R and DVD-RW discs.

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Darkiewonder4948d ago

I love these players. it's so sleek ;o

hahahabutt4948d ago

Check this out.. definitly cool... Might have a Simpson commercial at first so just ignore that.

Loopy4948d ago

It's not cool.
The "car" doesn't even roll...

joevfx4948d ago

so they basically are admitting defeat against blu ray.

Twizlex4948d ago

Ha ha ha! I knew it was just a matter of time before somebody came in and commented without actually reading the article. Shame on you.

TrillHeat9544948d ago

i love how toshiba makes dvd/ hd-dvd players that look like old vcrs

LoydX-mas4948d ago

How about actually clicking on the link.

The picture they show is of a first-gen HD-DVD player almost 2 years old!

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