Hey CoD Fans, Your Dominant Reign Won't Last Forever

If there's one thing we've learned this generation, it's that the video game industry continues to grow, flex, and alter at blinding speed. What was commonly accepted even a few years ago is now extremely rare, and the mainstream blockbuster has now become a standard trend, as it is in Hollywood.

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Lavitz20124366d ago

I lost all respect for cod after COD4 now its nothing but sh*t.$15 map packs are you f***ing kidding next thing you know they'll be charging $20 and you'll still have a handful of idiots buying them.

InLaLaLand4364d ago

Mostly people on youtube promote/advertise the game even more.

ATiElite4364d ago

I wouldn't call the new COD fans idiots. I no longer enjoy COD cause it's not like the classic COD1 COD2 and CODMW1 but i wouldn't call fans of the series idiots.

COD is now twitch gaming with modern weapons and i respect the game-play that Unreal and Quake made famous. sure the quality of the game may not be what it should be but hey People like COD and have the right to buy it without all the name calling.

Calling Activision idiots is OK as they should pump up the quality but calling other gamers idiots is not right. How would you like it if a PC Gamer called a consoler an idiot, see that's not nice now is it.

This is America buddy....we have freedom of choice whether if BF3 or COD, $20 map paks or free DLC.....Just enjoy your game!

iNMyFiN4LH0uR4364d ago

oh lord! you have blessed us with the voice of reason! .......on second thought lets gut those COD players for having the insolence and audacity to suggest COD being not of the devil.

CaptCalvin4364d ago

See, you can't really call console gamers(excluding COD fans) idiots because they actually do look for better options when they make their purchase. As computer hardware advance and current gen hardware is getting cheaper and cheaper, consumers see this, which prompts the companies to drop their prices. With most COD fans it's a different story. They'll buy bags of sh*t if Activision puts "Call of Duty" on them. Activision isn't afraid to keep their prices high because of this. Just look how much CODMW2 still costs.

kesvalk4364d ago

since when cod fans have a "dominant reign"?

you could say that about activision, but the fans are just fools who pay so much money for that piece of crap

e-p-ayeaH4364d ago (Edited 4364d ago )

flamebait article but to bad its cool to hate cod around n4g so i guess its pointless to say why mw3 is still gonna "reign"

iNMyFiN4LH0uR4364d ago

no doubt it won't last forever, the greatest of the greatest franchises have declined but this attack on COD by the very people who have put 300 hours into the game is ridiculous, its annoying especially for those that still appreciate the series. yea you like BF3, your probably frustrated by the fact MW3 even with its 'lack of originality' and being 'just another annual expansion pack' will manage to outsell its competitor at 3:1 or 4:1 but this jealousy, arrogance, hate and stupidity that COD haters are showing is rather pitiful and disappointing.

4364d ago