Microsoft announces Xtival 07, with Free Xbox Live Gold for Europe

Microsoft have announced their new online-only event - Xtival 07 - complete with Free Xbox Live Gold for Europe for the duration of the event.

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Teajae4870d ago

sweet!!! wonder whats the announcement

Kratos_Kart20074870d ago


SOny should make their service free for three days to compete!!!!

Oh is :)

razer4870d ago

un-unified piece of crap online service.. If you even owned a 360 you wouldn't even argue the point.

lynx1halo4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

I agree with your statement razer..the part where u said 360 and piece of crap...Sounded about right to me

@tools below

And yet you continue to try defend your point when the biggest point on the argument is ...WHAT KIND OF A TOOL WOULD RATHER PAY FOR SOMETHING THAN GET IT FREE??? u are both truly slaves to microsoft...and have been brainwashed to actually believe its necessary to pay for a service that has advertisements on it??..dont the advertisements make up for the fee of this service? sony has none on its service and its free!!..just continue to WHORE URSELVES OUT TO THE CORPORATE MACHINE LOL

Kuest4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

You are SMOKIN'. How long did it take you to form up that little one-two smash?

You know what's funny, I agree w/ Razer too. The part where he said 360 (having better online service) and a piece of crap (which basically symbolizes PSN). Sounds right to me (and apparently you too!).

You see... gamers can agree on something. And its all because of Razer. Thanks, buddy.

brothersimon4870d ago

id rather pay, least i know the service provided will be good. (as it is)

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mighty_douche4870d ago

for a minute i thought xbox live was gonna be free in EU...

for a minute that was...

Chabbs04870d ago

and in that minute theyd get more customers than the PSN as eva had

Bnet3434870d ago

be nice, talk about the article :)

Zhuk4870d ago

hopefully a cool announcement ^_^

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