360 leads hardware to software ratio, Wii and PS3 trail with similar ratios

Heading into the holiday season, it's worth looking at NPD's sales figures from September in the United States with particular attention paid to the total hardware to software sales ratios of the current generation consoles. Although people typically call it the "attach rate," NPD was clear to point out to Joystiq that an attach rate corresponds to a specific title (e.g., Halo 3 has a 110% attach rate). The sales ratio has been most controversial for the Wii as the console's been unfairly labeled as a Wii Sports seller, and not much else. Comparing current hardware to software sales ratios shows Xbox 360 leads with nearly seven games sold for every system. PS3 and Wii, in terms of this ratio, are practically equal, although the Wii has sold 2.6 million more units. The hard numbers:

* Xbox 360: hardware to software ratio: 6.59 (hardware total sold = 6.8 million; software total sold = 44.8 million)
* PlayStation 3: hardware to software ratio: 3.58 (hardware total sold = 1.9 million; software total sold = 6.8 million)
* Wii: hardware to software ratio: 3.44 (hardware total sold = 4.5 million; software total sold = 15.5 million)

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Captain Tuttle4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

That's all developers care many games does a console owner buy?

fredy4865d ago

if gamers buy software, it opens doors, to bring in new developers that wanna cash in on the platform.

right now with the 360 year lead and easier support and hardware its only the matter of time certain games jump in.

That 360 game attach rate is ridiculous. thats always a good sign in the midts of all the other negatives..

JsonHenry4865d ago

All the more reason I am happy with my Xbox360 purchase - they have the best game selection. So far anyway. This could change in the next year or so.

hazeblaze4865d ago

Yes, on this we can agree. The sales ratio is critically important and in this area the 360 remains king. It is the system that consistently sales the most 3rd party software... this may be due to shoddy ports or what not, but for now at least it is a fact.

However, @ JsnHenry... the 360 hardly has the best library any longer. I don't own a Wii but I have a PS3 & 360... With the release of Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Ratchet & Clank, Unhcharted & Haze in Nov... I am enjoying the PS3 a lot more for gaming. Highly looking forward to UT3, KZ2, & MGS4 too! Most of the games I play on the 360 are multiplats. I wouldn't go as far as to say the PS3 has the better library yet... but certainly more options.

And yet I'm REALLY surprised that the average PS3 owner only has 3-4 games on their system in the U.S. I persoanlly have 11 games on mine. Which potentially means that there's a few ppl with a PS3 that have 0-1 games for the average to be 3.5 games per system!!!

shelbygt334865d ago

Considering that for the longest time the ps3 was the cheapest Blu-Ray player (and is one of the best BR players), it was picked up by AV enthusiasts who wanted the cheapest entry into that market. I think that knowing that, it's easy to think that some people out there do have 0 ps3 games purchased.

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P4KY B4865d ago

Or did they remain constant from start to finish?

Bloodmask4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

360 gamers do buy the most games. It is funny that Guitar Hero 3 on the 360 even outsold the PS2 version. And the PS2 install base is over 100 million owners.

Just goes to show that next-gen gamers are choosing Xbox 360 as their platform of choice. For whining, petitioning, Bluray movie watching, waiting, excuses, and name calling people choose PS3 as their platform of choice.

360 and Nintendo Wii have the install bases where developers will see the most $$$$. This is being noticed by industry developers and will lead to more games for 360 as well as Nintendo Wii, which is already starting to happen with Monster Hunter Jumping ship....more games will follow.

Real gamer 4 life4865d ago

but if you look at it on the flip side, the article also say this

"Microsoft's console has had an extra year under its belt to develop a strong software lineup, but with promising titles on the horizon for Nintendo and Sony (e.g., Mario, Smash Bros., MGS4, FFXIII, etc) the ratios may balance out in late '08. But for now, it's obvious why PS3 and Wii have such"

the article also stated that the 360 has had a extra year to build up a library. and that it see the ratio balancing out in late 08

I Make Stuff Up4865d ago

Seeing as the Wii apparently has the worst ration, how did you get to that statement?

Captain Tuttle4865d ago

The attach rate for the 360 has always been was 4.5 in August of '06.

fredy4865d ago

"Microsoft's console has had an extra year under its belt to develop a strong software lineup"

Sony also had an EXTRA year to do sh#t.

since they came out later. DEVS had extra development time on some games.

*If you console comes out on time then you will always be a year earlier.

*If you console comes out late then you will always have had a year to prepare.

Goes both ways

hazeblaze4865d ago

Why is it that ignorant ppl always say devs had an EXTRA year on the PS3?!!!

They did not get dev kits for the PS3 until a year LATER than they did with the 360 you moron. So they've had a year LESS time with the PS3. Don't be so stupid.

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PimpHandHappy4865d ago

but i cant afford it with COD4 and Uncharted right around the corner

maybe in Jan 08 i will get it because i dont see much coming out that month

DrWan4865d ago

well that's a ratio that's looking at the total number of console sold vs total number of software that is sold.

which means... xbox has more time out, ppl who bought it day 1 would have bought more games by now.

PS3 and Wii will catch up in terms of attach rate as they age as well, eventhough i do think that since you have so many "casual" games on the Wii, the attach rate will undoubtly..drop as ppl "abandon" or "forget" their console in a few months. Moms who bought it out of impulse.

Captain Tuttle4865d ago

Good point about the Wii. I can't see it getting any higher than it is now and that includes Wii Sports. People will buy the really big titles for the Wii, none by third parties. The Wii's success, in the end, doesn't help the industry, it only helps Nintendo. I wish I had bought Nintendo stock 2 years ago.