PS3 60GB sold out, limited at Best Buy

Best Buy this week sold out of Sony Corp.'s 60GB Playstation 3 product and disclaimed limited in-store availability through the company's online division.

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SmokeyMcBear4867d ago

thats interesting... i just went to the santa rosa best buy last night.. and it had a huge stack of 60 GB.. also a huge stack of 80 gb models.. also a huge stack of 360 premiums, also a huge stack of halo edition 360s.. you can tell its shopping season.

shmee4867d ago

you can always find some stores who have huge pile of x360s and ps3s.

However wii is sold out in most places.

same goes to Europe. You can always find huge pile of UNSOLD x360s all over and some ps3s too but wii is sold out all over

SmokeyMcBear4867d ago

oh yeah.. forgot to mention that.. with the piles upon piles of ps3s and xboxs.. they didnt have one wii.. they said either today or tommorrow should be gettin in a shipment, just might have to invest in a couple before the holiday rush, maybe presents will be free this year.

Blackmoses4867d ago

not even gonna try and hide it but....I saw a stack of those Halo 3 edition 360's. I was real close to picking one of those up and I don't even like Halo.

BloodySinner4867d ago

WOW! Good job on the new account, nasim (shmee). Even with a new identity you still CANNOT hide your bias. How weak.

shmee4867d ago

even with a new name u cannot hide your bias.

How weak that an XBOT like you is shivering after x360s dismal performances in EU and JAPAN

tides will turn too once the 40 gig hits NA

resistance1004867d ago

@ Shmme

'same goes to Europe. You can always find huge pile of UNSOLD x360s all over and some ps3s too but wii is sold out all over '

WTF you on about. Do you live in Europe? Basically whereever you go you can buy wii's, theres not one shop which sells them which is sold out. It has been like this since March over here

BloodySinner4867d ago

If there's anyone with some sense on this site, just bring nasim's bubbles down. Please.

Sangheili854867d ago

Shmee always talks good about EU because the PS3 is doing good there. I can say the same for here. I work at Bestbuy part time and we have all our PS3's locked up in back. They sale but not great. While the same time we have stacks of 360's which are really moving. And of course the Wii is gone..

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XxZxX4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

60gb sold out in various of bayarea store. some of the frys store has 80gb sold out too.. Amazon 60gb is officially history and 80gb sold out ans restock last week. Wonder what's going on over there.

crck4867d ago

Sony said they had ample supply that would last at least 2-3 months. I love how little kids rewrite history to suit their needs.

lawman11084867d ago

of BC the 40gb does not have it and once the 60gb are gone they are gone. Thats why I got mine, don't want to have a machine I can't run the old games on.

hahahabutt4867d ago

I remember Sony saying that all 60 gig versions should of been sold out by July of this year when they dropped the price. It's only been 4 months and still yet to do so.

shmee4867d ago

this is why 60gig didnt sell out then.

HS /WARHAWK and LAIR are good but not stellar

with R$C and UNCHARTED ps3 has now AAA games to its names and so the hype for the console has been rekindled

with 400$ ps3 SONY can have a wider reach in NA as well since casual gamers want wii/ps3 but were driven off by the hefty price tag of ps3.

However in EU ps3 did phenomenal at a very high price point.Now with a price drop expect 2 m ps3s to be sold in EU alone this XMAS.

ps3 will beat wii in EU and trail wii in NA by small margins this XMAS in NA

in JAPAN too 40gig ps3 could see ps3 HW above wii in XMAS and tides could fully change since Japanese gamers were driven by JUST the price tag of the ps3

chavafx4867d ago

1 they only give you one game or a controller and you have just a few game options to choose from

2 best buy no free shipping

i got my ps3 60gb yes i did from wal mart they have the better offer right now they give you a ps3 60gb for 499 free shipping and best of all 1 free game that you choose from a big list of games i got warhowk with bluetooth head set and they give you for free the blu ray control remote for free 2 wich the games is $60 and the remote control is $25 thats $85

lawman11084867d ago

with 7 Blue ray dvds free

Halo3Guy4867d ago

Is it really news every time one store sells out of a console? If this is so, the Wii should be in the news every single day. Plus, I just went to target, GameStop, and BestBuy yesterday (their all in the same alotment) and each had HUGE stacks of PS3s but had one or two Wiis. This is not news!

unlimited4867d ago

at my place there is a lot of wii..epecially at my target and walmart..dont get me wrong its still selling but not out in quick rate. the hype die out for it..

lawman11084867d ago

Xbox 360: hardware to software ratio: 6.59 (hardware total sold = 6.8 million; software total sold = 44.8 million)
PlayStation 3: hardware to software ratio: 3.58 (hardware total sold = 1.9 million; software total sold = 6.8 million)
Wii: hardware to software ratio: 3.44 (hardware total sold = 4.5 million; software total sold = 15.5 million)

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