PlayStation customer care gets business awards

Sitel, an outsourcing company specialising in customer care, has been awarded two honours for its Sony PlayStation solutions.

The company won Best Private Sector Call Centre at the Marketing Direct Connect awards and was also honoured with Utilities and High-Tech Outsourcing Project of the Year by the National Outsourcing Association, for its PlayStation campaigns.

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PimpHandHappy4871d ago

becuase i was having issues with getting money put onto my wallet so i could buy a few games. They where very nice and patient with me. I even got a call back to see if the issue was solved.

i was on hold for maybe 15min thou and the music was killin me. They played that Maddonna song "like a prayer" over and over. I wanted to kill something so i got on warhawk!

Jamaicangmr4871d ago

Yeah i called them a few weeks back because i accidentally cancelled a demo install an i was gettin failure to install errors. So i just wanted to make sure that formattin my HDD would fix this. The Customer service rep was really patient an helpful he was all smiles and appologetic even though this wasnt really their fault. He asked for my area code and when i told him 876 he paused then i told him a callin from Jamaica he said "Really? thats great" So i guess i probly was the 1 first Jamaican to call that particular rep. lol!

All in all very good service, i told him he should get a raise hopfully his bosses where listening.

MikeGdaGod4871d ago

i can't wait to go back to Jamaica

Jamaicangmr4871d ago

Can't wait to have you back scottie2521.

The Wood4871d ago

mum kingston, dad st thomas

be back soon

King20084871d ago

Great, funny comment. PSN ID Clark_Kent! Madonna would make me want to TOW Missle her house!

Blackmoses4871d ago

not very much you have to worry about when there are little to no real problems

harpua4871d ago

true, its not like they are getting 10,000 RROD calls a day.

mighty_douche4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

never had to speak to anyone, never had a sony product fail on me!

edit: lol i like how someone disagrees with MY personal experiences.

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The story is too old to be commented.