'Uncharted' Territory: Capturing Human Emotion in Games (PS3)

There will soon come a day when creating a video game will be not much different than filming a movie. Two games currently in development illustrate the fine line that divides the two processes -- and the actors who were cast for the games, rehearsed for them, and then acted in their "filming" can surely attest to their similarities. Brand new technologies contributed to the creation of both games: Sony's Uncharted: Drake's Fortune -- expected to be released on November 20th for the PlayStation 3 -- utilizes a state-of-the-art motion-capture process to give the illusion of life-like animated characters, while the martial arts fighters in Creative Edge Studios' Warriors of Elysia don't just seem real, they are real..." More within...

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cloud360-7th_account4868d ago

nice. first games to do this was FFIII/IV (emotion and feeling in games)

lynx1halo4868d ago

im telling you guys this game is going to be a bankable both its presentation and playability

lonestarmt4868d ago

yup, but from what i seen not as emotional as heavenly sword.

tfur4868d ago

I am still in shock, from how beautiful this game looks...


Ju4868d ago

I can't agree more. That latest trailer gives me the creeps, a mantel crysis. I gotta recover from my nervous breakdown after watching that video over and over again. (Ok, I've outed myself now).

remix4868d ago

that captured emotions. or shenmue....................NO ACTUALLY MGS

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