Virtua Fighter 5: 360 Version Has Better Graphics

After all that "only PS3 can do Virtua Fighter 5" talk, 360 fans are proud to say the 360 version is graphically superior - by some margin, in fact. Truthfully, the 360 sheen is so apparent in a direct HDMI cable switch comparison, it's like looking at Soul Calibur 2 on Xbox compared to PS2. VF5's here, online, and all is right with the world.

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jiggyjay4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

Let the defending begin! Let me sum up the comments that are going to be said on this thread.

Sony Fanboy1- Lazy Devs!

Sony Fanboy2- the 360 had more Dev time!

Sony Fanboy3- Tekken is far superior anyways!

Sony Fanboy4- One word RROD!


Sony Fanboy5- We can at least play this game online for free.. LOL

Sony Fanboy6- XBL has so much lag that you won't even be able to play this online. PSN has no lag!

thereapersson4865d ago

You can't seriously believe that you are better than any of the other dimwitted Sony fanboys on this site, can you?


karlostomy4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )


don't forget these ones:

Sony fanboy5:.. but wait for teh cell/bray potentialz
Sony fanboy6:...if it was developed on ps3 first it would have been better...oh wait

It sure is a letdown for ps3fans

JsonHenry4865d ago

If they were so different, why did they not add side by side photos comparing the two?

I personally believe the 360 IS the more powerful system (the PS3 is bottlenecked beyond belief) so I have no doubt that the 360 version looks better. BUT I will still like to see pictures, especially after making the claims that there is such a big difference between the two versions.

razer4865d ago

Dimwitted Sony fanboy like yourself.. How such a fanboy has so many bubbles is beyond me..

fredy4865d ago

- A Sony fans Excuse list posted a while back

"I hate EA" (and UBI, Activision, Capcom, id, Epic, and 2K)
"EA is MS's b!tch"
"MS funds all review-sites"
"EA=Peter Moore"
"Just Wait"
"Just wait till 08"
"just wait till 09"
"Lazy devs"
"ring of death"
"EA sucks"
"EA can't make good games" (Battlefild, most sports titles, Burnout, The Sims and upcomming Crysis and Army of Two)
"f**k EA"
"f**k Peter Moore"
"f**k MS"
"EPIC UNREAL engine is CRAP all the sudden"
"Konami and their sh$tty PS3 online PES"[we like EA Fifa, afterall]

Wasn't this game done on the PS3 first?

I thought it was always the other way around going from the 360 to PS3 might suffer?

jackfatal4865d ago

just 1 sentence!
they had soooooooooooooo much time to improve everything to the easier console!!

if they didnt improve the graphics with 6 months of poring then no one will buy this game!

oblivion,graw2,lost planet!! hellooo??? i dont get wats ur points YOU xbots??

mikeslemonade4865d ago

This is an arcade port orginally anyway. It wasn't built from the ground up for the PS3. 360 fans will be eating there words back next year. It's easy to say things after a one year headstart and still get your butt kicked by the Wii. The truth is that the 360 doesn't sell in Europe or in Japan.

Wii60_FTW4865d ago

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psycho3604865d ago

nasim/shemie where r u?????????? Go on bring excuse no 110 MS paid Kaz to cripple the ps3.

XerockX4865d ago

You can't play this online on ps3 because there is NO online mulitplayer ...period...just thought i'd tell you.;)

Doppy4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

I've played both of them running side by side, and the only difference graphically is that the xbox 360 version has slightly better colors and lighting than the PS3 version.

The biggest difference is that the Xbox 360 version seems to have more fluid animations than the PS3 version. Will all this make me go out and buy the 360 version. No, but it is nice to know developers are improving on games that are released later on other consoles.

Now that you know stop all the fanboy comments from the 360 side and PS3 side. Why don't you all act like Nintendo fanboys and keep quiet.

ruibing4865d ago

Thanks for summing some of the things I was going to say up, you really saved me a lot of time. More 360 fans should do this for PS3 fans.

BrianC62344864d ago

Fghters are so boring. There's nothing to see here folks. Lets move along.

jiggyjay4864d ago (Edited 4864d ago )

SonyFaboy7- "Fghters are so boring. There's nothing to see here folks. Lets move along."

SonyFanboy8- "Better colors don't mean better graphics."

SonyFanboy9- The PS3 is a year old while the 360 is two years old.

SonyFanboy10- MGS/FF13/Lair/HS has better graphics than any 360 games out there!

SonyFanboy11- MS uses last gen DVDs! There's now way that would look better because PS3 uses Blu Ray

SonyFanboy12- Wait and wait and wait and wait.................and wait...

SonyFanboy13- [email protected]

robep34864d ago

First of all have a LOOK at Ninja Gaiden Sigma SAME EFFECT on characters in that game on the PS3 SO IT CAN BE DONE.
AS you 360 FB'S say if a game is better ON PS3 OH they have had a year longer to develop for the PS3 SO SAME HERE.
Also there has been talk of a patch to provide the missing features for the PS3 THAT'S THE ADVANTAGE OF ALL PS3'S HAVING A HARD DRIVE unlike the cheaper consoles available on the market and as developers are stating GAMES like UNCHARTED only using 30-50% of the spu's in the cell chip at anytime lets see what happens 12 months from now.
By then PS3 GAMES could be using dual layer on BD DISCS so how many
Then we have COD4,GTA4(STATED DVD A PROBLEM LOL)UT3,HAZE AND OF COURSE GT5 which unlike FORZA 2/PGR4 the cars look real and dont look like they have been WRAPPED IN CLING FILM.(IE PLASTIC LOOKING)
Also have a look at R&C,MGS4 SO PLENTY TO LOOK FORWARD 2 over next
few months and into next year & beyond!!!!!!!!!!!

robep34861d ago


PS3 screen shot my Plasma HDMI GUESS WHAT unlike the review stated low and behold SHEEN on the characters & costumes



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the worst4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

so sorry it not better
ps3 is the best version
hahaha sucker
wait until the lag kicks in
you get killed and none
of the players moved

SmokeyMcBear4865d ago

oh i see.. extra shiny textures means better graphics.. ok, i see now

bluebrad19744865d ago

better gaming hardware leads to better graphics.

kornbeaner4865d ago

Why does sarah look like shes made of vinyl???

Solotov4865d ago

Nice job, Sega. It is a decent graphics improvement over the PS3.

unlimited4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

its only slightly better..and what did u expect this game release like in feb of this year on the tekken and play online on the ps3 now thats the game you want to play..

jjfunaz4865d ago (Edited 4865d ago )

Please see Post1
"Sony Fanboy2- the 360 had more Dev time! "
"Sony Fanboy3- Tekken is far superior anyways!"

You managed to hit two predicted arugments with one post congrats!

Seriously though I think the extra time was spent porting and adding online play. Microsoft makes developers jump through hoops to get XBL funcionality into their games. I don't think that the graphics are that much supioror if any but I would like to see some side by side comparisons