Video Game Reviews Are Broken, Please Fix

Kotaku reports:

"There are some of you out there who love the way writers and publishers handle video game reviews. This article is not for you. As far as the author and his sympathizers are concerned, you are the saps stuck as janitors cleaning dirty toilets in The Matrix, the suckers who sit around drinking Diet Coke convinced that it tastes like real Coke, the unfortunate few who were never able to see the rhinos and race cars in those Magic Eye images."

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gamesblow4871d ago

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn!! Kotaku's part of the problem. Guess they didn't get the memo.

kenjix4871d ago

It's about time someone started to point out how jacked up these review sites are. I only go by consumer reviews now.

dhammalama4871d ago

There is an ever growing force of fanboys preparing to throw off even those consumer generated ratings. well, maybe, maybe not, but I hate fanboys so I'll blame crap like that on them.

squallsoft4871d ago

i agree with the article 100%. reviews are BS

Drano4871d ago

Can anyone say "Gamespot"?

Jump Beyond.

OC_MurphysLaw4871d ago

It's really about the only way it could ever become even remotely a reliable source across the board..but sadly just like movie will never happen..and it will always be subjective and biased to the reviewers preference...

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The story is too old to be commented.