Buy Mii A Wii: Hilarious

Catchy lyrics and open box humping. This music video has it all! Comedian Andreé Meadows raps out the Wii's strong points - attempting to rhyme "Nintendo" with "Shigeru Miyamoto" was particularly inspired. Funny stuff.

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thereapersson4871d ago

And why the heck is it in the PS3 section? Sheesh, do people even understand why we have sections anymore?

Caliber4871d ago

I agree.
I don't mind them posting stupid stuff like this in the wii-section, but this does not belong in the PS3- and X360-sections.

Rooftrellen4871d ago

Maybe it's revenge from a Wii owner for posting bluray vs HD DVD in the indutry section, when it should be in tech.

It's in the PS3 and 360 sections, after all.

Baba19064871d ago

well was ok =D but he missed 90% of the higher notes. i liked when he sang low notes. was ok =D

Radiomorph4871d ago

I tried to watch it but I just couldn't. I can't stand that kind of music.

solar4871d ago

but you might be able to find him in the dark after he closes his eyes and mouth carrying the numchuck and wii-mote....::shrug::

seriously tho, it was kinda funny. and this coming from a honkey who hates hip-hop and rap with a passion....

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