9 Nintendo 3DS games most of the world may never play writes: "For the past week and a bit, I’ve been travelling around Japan, visiting all the cool places and taking in some fantastic sights.)

So while shopping at Yodobashi Kamera in Kyoto (similar to Best Buy in US, or Harvey Norman in AU) I came across some 3DS games that we might NEVER see in the US or AU. I was instantly excited and whipped out my camera for some happy snaps and was going to buy all of them, but then a hard mental backhand slapped me in the back of the head that said '“MULTI-REGIONAL GAMES – They won’t work on your AU – PAL 3DS.'” So I just took the pics and DROOLED for like 15-20 mins."

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jacksonmichael3823d ago

Didn't the review for Cubic Ninja just go up on IGN? I would like Gundam 3D Battle though.

Xof3822d ago

It's a garbage article.

Gundam: The 3D Battle has been confirmed for an NA release.
Tales of the Abyss has been confirmed for an NA release.
Resident Evil: Mercenaries has been confirmed for an NA release.

The Professor Layton and One Piece games are virtually guaranteed to be released in North America as well.

This moron really only has three games on the list that actually qualify--cubic ninja, Pro Baseball and 3d cube--and then ends the list with a generic Pokemon capsule toys?

Not only did he put zero research into writing this article, he put in zero thought. Don't give this fool any more hits, people.

CDbiggen3822d ago

I wonder how long it will be (if ever...) until the Layton/Wright crossover makes it over here.