Shadows of the Damned Launch Guide

Shadows of the Damned hits store shelves on June 21 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and GamerNode's got the low-down on the fright-fest down under. From goats to guts, brains to boners, this is your exclusive launch guide for all things hellish in a nightmare-filled romance adventure.

To call Goichi Suda a mad scientist would be an accurate compliment; it's how EA's Steve Matulac (Senior Producer) and Joel Wade (Producer) described Suda-san in a recent interview about Grasshopper Manufacture's artistic hell-horror, Shadows of the Damned. "Over-the-top" barely begins to categorize it. Part blood orgy, part punk song, part Resident Evil, part Dante's Inferno -- Shadows of the Damned delights in the twisted, and will show gamers a kind of hell they never saw coming. In a nutshell, strawberry-craving demon-baby doors.

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