Inevitable: Sony PS3 vs Xbox 360 like Microsoft vs Apple

Product-Reviews writes: "When we get two closely matched products or brands it's inevitable that you will get comparisons. Take Microsoft vs Apple for example; they have been compared for years on many products and services they release."

"The Sony PS3 vs Xbox 360 debate, this will go on for many years to come not only on the same name games appearing on each console but also with different frame rates, hardware and software. My opinion is that both of these game consoles will become much more than just for games, they will network more with other software and hardware."

"The Xbox 360 will go the IPTV route and the Sony PS3 will bring Freeview TV and other TV services. That is just one example but they will both feature different software and similar software, as an owner of both I am happy as I have seen news of many products and services that will be exclusive to each machine. This means there will be times when I use just one of the systems for weeks, but the other will always get used when another product or service is released exclusive to that machine."

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Bill Gates4867d ago

And just like.....

Apple > Micro$haft

PS3 > 3FixMe

Quality > Trash


jiggyjay4867d ago

And if your logic is true then we are going to see M$ dominate the videogame industry like it did in the PC Market!

Itachi4867d ago

they are already bringing over pc issues to the console
blue screen of death = Red Ring of Death

Rooted_Dust4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

Apple * (0)Games = (PC > Apple)

I will admit IPod > Zune

OMG 360 RUL3Z0RZ FTW4867d ago

What's ">" mean, there Billy?

In both cases (A vs. MS, and PS3 vs. 360): Microsoft/Xbox-360 are BY FAR the market leaders.

Rooted_Dust4867d ago

If you don't know that ">" means "Greater Than" then I will assume that you haven't passed 4th grade arithmetic yet O_o

"Be Cool Stay in School" ;P

jackfatal4867d ago

ps3=mango > x360=dead lemon!!:DDDDD

TheGamer4867d ago

"When we get two closely matched products or brands"

What the hell are they smoking??

PS3 is a Ferrari and 360 is a Kia. They both are gaming consoles and thats where it ends. Closely matched my foot!!!

ruibing4867d ago

I can't argue with your logic, but I hope it doesn't happen. Win 98, 2000, and XP were ok, but it became more bloated and just got worse in time. If you have Vista, you would understand why MS needs to back to its roots.

godofthunder104866d ago

i've read these posts and most of them is just fanboys that are bias and never will face the truth about the 360 and ps3,the facts are that they are almost equal in power and to disgree just show how bias they are.
i've read a lot of articles that say they are almost equal in power,the only ones that keep saying the ps3 is a lot more powerful then the 360 is sony,sonyfanboys,and programers that only make games for the ps3 because they have a lot of money invested in it.well here's 1 of the articles that say the truth about the systems.

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Q Could you tell me if the quality of the graphics vary much between the forthcoming PS3 and the Xbox 360?


OK, so apparently this is all anyone cares about, so I'll readdress the issue.

I answered the same question a couple months ago, so here's the breakdown:

Sony claims that the PS3 and its Cell processor are way ahead of the Xbox 360 in technology, but the truth of the matter is that both consoles are quite comparable in terms of raw power. The multi-core Cell processor is clocked at 3.2 GHz. and the Xbox 360's Xenon has three cores and is also clocked at 3.2 GHz. Both consoles have a total of 512 MB of RAM, and Sony gets a little advantage with a 550 MHz GPU compared to the 500 MHz of the 360. And Sony also boasts that the PS3 can perform 1.8 TFLOPS (tera Floating Point Operations per Second), whereas the 360 can perform 1.0 TFLOPS, but, it actually evens out as the 360 has more memory bandwidth.

It all sounds complicated, but really, the two consoles are very similar in pure power. But the biggest difference in graphics is in the output. The PS3 (the $600 model) has HDMI out for digital output in 1080p, and Blu-ray discs can potentially store more than 20 times more data than the Xbox 360 DVD drive. But, considering how many people actually own 1080p capable TV sets, most people will not get that extra bonus and, in actuality, only the HD enthusiasts will really be able to tell the difference between 720p and 1080p.

That said, I have seen lots of gameplay from both consoles, and can say that graphics are rather similar. I would probably give Sony the slight nod judging by games like Heavenly Sword and Motor Storm, but Stranglehold and Gears looked damn good on 360. Tough call

Since then, nothing has really changed. Aside from rumors of slight PS3 processor downgrades, both systems are very close in graphical capabilities.

Though we have had a little hands-on time with a few PS3 games, and some editors here claim sharper textures on the PS3. But others have seen frame rate issues on the PS3 as well. I think it's still early to knock or praise Sony either way, but we still hold fast to the belief that both consoles will be very similar in terms of graphics.

and i've read a lot more articles from programers saying the same thing,they even had a programer that said the same thing on this site but the fanboys said he was lieing because he doesn't work for a company any more and i know that fanboys will act like they know more then this guy,and he's an expert and a sony fan and he works for and if anyone want to read the article just go there and click on sony pro.i don't care if every one in the world said the same thing and they have tons of proof and the sony fans will still say that they are wrong and they don't know what they are saying and the ps3 is more powerful,and act like they do but they don't really know a damn thing.
i'm also tire of hearing about the rrod because micro gave every one a 3 year warrinty unlike sony with the ps1 and 2,they had a lot of problems with them to when they first came out hell i had to buy 5 in less then a 1 and a half years and i had a lot of problems to with the ps2 because they kept saying can't read disc even if i had a new system and game it said the same thing.
the reason that the problem with the 360 became a big deal is because the whole world was on the internet and every one was talking about it and some sony fans even lied about having a 360 that broke down because any one with common since know after reading some of them that they were just stupid and you could tell that they were sony fans just trying to make the 360 look worse then it was.the reason that the problem with the ps1 and 2 didn't become a big deal is because when they came out they hardly had anyone on the internet to spread the news and if the internet was like it was back then like it is now then sony would've had the same problem as took sony year to get it right and they did fix all their problems with the ps3 because it's a dependable system.the reason that i've posted all the information above about the ps1 and 2 problems is because sony fanboys act as if the ps never had one problem with it and they all ways bring up the ring of death but they never mention the ps1 and 2 problems because they don't want to show all the problems that sony had to because they try and act as if sony always had dependable ps and it's not true they had a lot of problems with both of them but they act like it never happend.
i'm not saying that the ps3 isn't a good system because it is but the 360 is to and unlike fanboys from both sides that are bias, i'll admit that both are damn good systems and you really need both of them to enjoy all the good games coming out.but don't keep bring up the rrod on the 360 because sony had the exact problems with the ps1 and instead of acting like kids fighting over a toy and making an a** of themselfs,fanboys from both sides need to act their age and just enjoy their games instead of worring about the other because it really doesn't concern them.

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Einherjaren4867d ago

The PS3 is already Much More than just a gaming console..
It's a full-blown media station!!

I'm just hoping the competition keeps at it.. This will force prices and the gaming marked to even new heights!!

jjfunaz4867d ago

I like what ps3 is trying to do, providing services other then just playing video games. The 360 is also trying to add new features with movie downloads and what not. Competition definately works in the favor of the consumers.
Doesn't matter what system you choose as long as there is someone else outthere trying to outdo one another we win out.

I want netflix on my 360, then i might actually get a netflix account.

FordGTGuy4867d ago

isn't? Last time I checked the Xbox 360 has more media features then the PS3.

VirusE4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

They bring up a good point since the ps3 and mac do have a lot in common and so do the 360 and a pc.

Macs have no games other than shoddy ports, sub par graphics cards, really nice cpus and they are over priced but they look great, feel great and work perfectly.

PCs have tons of software, are unstable as hell, easy to develop for, break too often, and look and feel cheap next to a mac.

vidoardes4867d ago

Ironically, a pretty acurate comparison. The PS3 DOES have some great games, but it does have more than it's fair share of awful ports. And the 360 does have an alarmin ghabit of overheating when used for too long (which my PC frequently does after serveral hours of use).

I'm sure fanboys from both sides won't like what you said but I gotta hand it too ya... you'd be hard pressed to find a closer match

OMG 360 RUL3Z0RZ FTW4867d ago

Can we _please_ stop defining "PC" as: "A Windows(tm) computer"? A mac IS a PC. It has been since the beginning, no matter what Apple PR execs might want you to believe. This is even more true since macs started to ship with Intel CPUs.

VirusE4867d ago

OMG 360 what you said is true but the industry at large refers to windows based computers as PCs and macs as macs.

teto834867d ago

to be compared to SONY when it comes to video games.

Xemnas4867d ago

Oh damn hear we go agian (puts flame suit on)

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