Battlefield 3 Wins X-Play's Best Shooter of E3

G4: "The Best of E3 2011 Nominations from and X-Play have kept you guessing which titles would come out on top at year's show, and now you can stop wondering and check out the winners! Everything in the battle of the threes from Battlefield 3 to Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception to Gears of War 3 is netting an award, but there are plenty of surprises in here as well."

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Organization XII3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Congrats for DICE. Well done bringing a next-gen game for the industry! That should _hopefully_ refresh competition even further.

Hanif-8763814d ago

It is gonna be the best shooter in the coming months so this was already known!

telekineticmantis3814d ago

for me, they showed better footage earlier in the year then they did at E3, but I think like Xplay said, they were trying to differentiate themselves from COD. Can't wait to see more footage, because I need a FPS, it's the only thing missing from my 2011 game collection

TruthSeeker3814d ago

They are already better than COD my friend.

Pacman3213814d ago

Congrats to starhawk too for winning best multiplayer game.

slampunk3814d ago

In amongst all of the troll fans / journalists (if you can call them that) whining about the PS3 graphics on show etc....It's good to see that DICE are getting some recognition for all of their efforts.....

PS3 troll boy owners that have commented negatively should be ashamed......6 months from release, beta to come, the best new engine out there etc......what more do you want....The graphics looks great for a 5 year old machine......

Go Dice.......November can't come soon enough

death2smoochie3814d ago

Its going to be hell of a game

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