Famitsu Surveys Holiday Season

The latest issue of Japanese publication Famitsu features a survey on the Holiday season. Retailers and consumers took the survey test and some of the results may surprise you, and others are just as predicted.

Top 10 products most likely to sell:
1. WiiFit (Wii)
2. Xbox360 hardware
3. Wii hardware
4. PS3 hardware
5. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
6. Dragon Quest IV (DS)
7. Final Fantasy IV (DS)
8. DS Lite hardware
9. Dynasty Warriors 6 (PS3/Xbox360)
10. Slimline PSP hardware

And here are the top 3 titles most likely to sell by each platform.

1. Dragon Quest IV
2. Final Fantasy IV
3. Professor Layton and the Devil's Box

1. Star Ocean 1: First Departure
2. Hot Shots Golf 2
3. The Promise of Haruhi Suzumiya

1. Super Mario Galaxy
2. Wii Fit
3. Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles

1. Dynasty Warriors 6
2. Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
3. Winning Eleven 2008

1. Lost Odyssey
2. Ace Combat 6
3. Assassin's Creed

And finally a breakdown on which console will most likely sell during the Holiday season.

DS 43.0%
Wii 23.2%
PS2 10.7%
PS3 10.7%
PSP 7.1%
Xbox360 5.3%

Wii 42.9%
DS 25.6%
Xbox360 14.5%
PS3 11.4%
PSP 3.9%
PS2 1.7%

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PS360WII4870d ago

Holy criminy! 360 as #2 for Japans want for holiday. Cool beans. Maybe Lost Odyseey will be the one to get the 360 the lime light ^^

Those DS titles I can't wait for either

razer4870d ago

So the #2 spot is the 360 above both the Wii and PS3 and that equates to the %5.3 lowest and absolutely horrible "most likely sell" catagory.. Why even have a freakin poll if it doesn't even come close to reflecting whatever orifice they pulled these "most likely sell" numbers from..

I expect the 360 to do poorly again this holiday. Japan doesn't like the console as the numbers reflect.. Who cares? Japanese Devs? Beyond Capcom they all make games that I find completely garbage and wouldn't buy anyways so I don't care if they support the system or not.

ruibing4870d ago

PS3 owners there aren't excited about White Knight Story? I am in the U.S. and I wish I could get the JP release in Dec. How many people did they poll to get these data?