Better Music? Rock Band or Guitar Hero III?

This holiday season is shaping up to be quite the battle between two video game heavyweights, Rock Band and Guitar Hero III. Most people planning on picking one of these bad boy's up will probably only be able to afford one of the two. Which one? What to buy….They're basically the same game, right?

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solar4871d ago

i just want a guitar thats not broken outta the box :(

Grassroots4871d ago

This is easy it's Guitar Hero because Bloc Party is on there... haha.

vaan4871d ago

As the above said, Bloc Party.
I also love Raining Blood (Slayer) The Seeker (The Who) Number of the Beast (Iron Maiden) She Bangs The Drums (Stone Roses) My Name Is Jonas (Weezer)
Good times.

Bathyj4871d ago

When I first played GH, I said this game needs One and Paint it Black. Its like they heard me. Add Welcome to the Jungle and a Slash Battle from my favourite band of all time who I saw in what was the biggest concert in the southern hemishpere (yes I'm from the bottom half of the world (in geography only, its the top country ;) )).

Rock Band does look hella sweet but I dont know if I can go past GHIII.

Might do what I always do and get them both.

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