GameCity: Inside Takahashi's Nobi Nobi Dreams

Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi was blunt in his vision keynote address to this year's GameCity festival, recently held in Nottingham, England. Offering a visual FAQ from the very start, Takahashi displayed a note card on the screen which laid out precisely what the session would not be about.

"About Katamari Damacy: I'm sick of it," it read. "What is the future of video games: I haven't got a clue. What do video games bring us: It depends on what you're after. What are video games: Who knows."

Instead, to a night-time soundscape of crickets and trees rustled by the wind piped in by Takahashi himself, he delivered a speech part meandering treatise on his creative process and thoughts on the world around him, and part deadpan comedic quasi-performance art.

Confessing to being "vague and not well focused," he explained that because he was still working on the game, he wasn't "thinking hard enough. My brain's become mush… This state is ok when you're creating, maybe not so good for a presentation."

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