Halo's Filthiest Trash Talk

Game experience may change during online play. This innocuous disclaimer accompanies every game with Xbox Live connectivity, but what it actually means is that you're about to be subjected to a barrage of bigotry so profoundly offensive that it will shake your faith in humanity to the very core.

Before clicking play on the video below, know that it is fraught with all manner of tasteless language. It is intended for mature audiences, and is solely for the purpose of illuminating the social phenomena surrounding the most popular game of all time.

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Nubzilla 3G4870d ago

That was retarded. Stop posting this useless crap on here. Reported.

Mr PS34870d ago

Are you one of these moronic trash talkers!!
Funny enough don't get much of this online with RFOM or warhawk and i don't expect it from COD4 or Killzone or UT3
But it just goes to show you that your average xbox owner is a complete and utter [email protected] you must think its so tough to be online in you bedroom talkin trash down your headset well it aint just must be a average xbot(kid) thing anyway wipe your nose's get your packed lunch off to school or the office exchange story's with your bumchums on how you owned and talked trash last night come back home and repeat!! WOW you must fell good you xbums!! what a load of [email protected] you lot really are this video highlights what its like to be online with a FPS on the xbox a sorry assed sack of sh1te experiance!! Screw you all you can keep it

BloodySinner4870d ago

How can you expect trash talk when most of the online PS3 gamers don't even have headsets? Either way, judging from that comment, I can see why you only have 1 bubble... ROFL.

segasage4870d ago

headsets can they talk while gaming?..

TheSadTruth4870d ago

u guys realize the people that made this video were the ones doing the trash talking.. it's called a joke

and I heard more trash talk on the playground in elementary school.. this is nothing lmao

oh no he called me a name!!!

rofldings4869d ago

Pleaes. You call that trash talk? Go play a REAL online FPS on your PC, not some lame ass 16 person server? 64 is more like it, see how much trash talking goes on there.

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SmokeyMcBear4870d ago

well, playing halo2 now halo3.. it gets pretty god damn annoying, there is some funny stuff too, but man, it just gets.. i have to plug in the headset and put if off to the side so the the people talking dont go through the surround sound, definately a negative of having every single 360 come with a headset.

bluebrad19744870d ago

Like you actually own a 360, sony fakeboy.

SmokeyMcBear4870d ago

you are absolutely correct, i wouldnt waste my money on the thing, but i know people who have, and when in rome... I play, not often, bout once a week, but i do, and every fricken time little squeaky voices telling everyone they are gay. Tell me, whey the hell everyone get in on shotty snipers, and the territories one is broken, its almost guaranteed to get 4 territories, i mean 2 of them are right near your spawn. Halo is fun to play, as i have always said, but the little kiddies need to go, something tells me you are one them blueballs

goodganja4870d ago

That figures. Anytime i play resistance or warhawk or tekken, i hear people online having good, MATURE fun. No racial slurs, mindless bashing like you pricks do on the message boards and no excessive swearing.

xbox is for little kids who dont have parental supervision and think they're cool because they can talk trash on a message board.

PS3 doesnt give me NO kind of problems and im on warhawk and tekken every day.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

segasage4870d ago

"Anytime i play resistance or warhawk or tekken, i hear people online having good, MATURE fun."No racial slurs, mindless bashing like you pricks do on the message boards and no excessive swearing."

I can't stop laughing..

do you fantards really believe that sh!t you make up?
whats the average age of a Ps3fanboy on n4g?


razer4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

You are so biased your opinions mean squat!

Of course the PS3 is perfect and the 360 is complete and utter trash.. Like it beat your mom up or something.. haha

Just this last weekend I had somebody call me a "N****" on RFOM and he sounded like he was 13..

You believe that somehow if you own a PS3 it changes human nature or something..

Also, the 360 gives you several ways to immediately cut out anyone trash talking or being offensive you can ban the user so you never play with them again and you can mute them.. I know it doesn't fill the fanboy agenda, but instead of acting like a sissy about it just do one of the above and it's end of story. You can also report them and MS does lay the hurt down on people who are offensive.

dachiefsman4870d ago

just take away his bubbles....yet another "tool" added to the shed

The Chief of Mjolnir4869d ago

Have you even played on Xbox live?

I think that you are judging it from the first look.

And there are some good guys to talk with. To plan your strategy with, or just talk about normal things. If there are some idiots trash talking, just mute them, or take out your headset. It is not that hard to do something about it.

So think before you say something, stupid.

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mighty_douche4870d ago

you lot are just a bunch of worthless fanboys... this was submitted for fun, its ment to be FUNNY... get over your brand loyalties you sad f*cks...

Lyberator4870d ago

Out of all the comments this one made the most sense. Took the words right out of my mouth.

XxZxX4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

wow, When XBots don't bash PS3, XBOTs attack each other in HALO 3. That's like themart vs razer vs bladestar vs bloodmask in a FFA trash talk. It is awesome

Edit: Look like I hit someone's button.

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