MGS4 hits South America

If you don't subscribe to Konami's KP Report - Kojima's very own MGS4-concerned podcast - then you may have missed out on a nugget of knowledge recently revealed on the audio broadcast. Namely, that MGS4 won't be limited to the Middle Eastern battlefield we've seen in all the footage, but instead will take in South America and "other places", too.

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Cerberus_Hunter4867d ago

This info was revealed way before TGS07...

The scene where Raiden and Vamp are fighting in the E3 trailer takes place in South America.

Alcohog4867d ago

Older than Jesus riding dinosaurs.

jackfatal4867d ago

because now they are putting a good fight in iraq!! both sides are loosing! iraq loosing everything and America loosing their life's and 100's of billions and reputation!

Gily4867d ago

Very Old News, I voted no on it being on the Main Page

Yes if you looked past the fight scene, you see the architure is that of Southern American design. Middle East and South America are also not the only two regions in the game. There was a scene with Snake in REX and Liquid in RAY on Shadow Moses Island.

patriotZero4867d ago

ver old news.. I am mgsfan.. I knew it 6 months ago

jackdoe4867d ago

Pretty old. It was mentioned as an aside during an interview.