The Witcher Review: 9/10

To be fair though, it's something of a novelty to have room available in a list of negatives to be able to castigate a game's misogynist overtones - because in every other department The Witcher is an intelligent, adult and thoroughly compelling adventure.

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MK_Red4869d ago

This is the PC GOTY in my book. If it was delayed for month so they could fix long load time and performance issues, this could easily the best RPG in years.

jjfunaz4869d ago

That it does look promising. Usually though the combat falls flat in action rpgs on the pc. We'll see but so far I am really enjoying hellgate.
I hope they didn't make the sex and drugs too gratutious like they do in GTA.

Charlie26884869d ago

There is already not 1 BUT 2 patches for the game already out O.o and while they say makes the game more playable according to IGN there is still a LOT more to fix (In terms of stability not so much balancing and such)