Nintendo denies taking dig at Microsoft and Halo 3

Nintendo has moved to clarify comments made by UK boss David Yarnton yesterday at a London press conference.

Yarnton, Nintendo UK general manager, said in his speech: "For all the recent talk of record breaking entertainment launches, it might just be that the defining and most influential video game of this generation is a simple game of tennis that the whole family can gather around and play and enjoy together."

While people saw this as a thinly veiled dig at Microsoft's record-breaking Halo 3 launch in September, Nintendo has denied Yarnton was making reference to the multi-million selling FPS.

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ShiftyLookingCow4870d ago

I guess this is return favor for the comments MS esp Peter Moore made about Wii after it became a huge success.

MyNutsYourChin4870d ago

People really love trying to pull leverage out of thin air...

Bloodmask4870d ago

kind of a "dig" what they said in the original interview. Bit it isn't a big deal. I am happy Nintendo is doing well. They were the company that kickstarted the console business anyways. It is good to see that Nintendo did not go the way of Sega.

rwalrond4870d ago

What if Nintendo went the way of Sega. We might be playing Mario on PS3 and X360 today. SLAP!! back to reality..

Bloodmask4870d ago

A games industry without Nintendo would be sad. They were the gaming industry back in the late 80s early 90s. I still wish Sega would release another console.

otherZinc4870d ago

if any system disappeared it would be the PS3 and the PS3 couldn't even make games for the other 2 consoles because their 1st party games cant sell.

Bloodmask4870d ago

Only bc the PS3 isn't selling well..