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There Will Be No Enter/Exit Vehicle Animations In Battlefield 3

There will be no enter/exit vehicle animations, as confirmed by Senior Gameplay Designer on Battlefield 3, Alan Kertz

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Community2675d ago
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callmedom942675d ago
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RedDead2675d ago

good, better for gameplay, don't mind if they have it in campaign parts like that pic though.

JsonHenry2675d ago

I agree. I like the aesthetics of those types of animations but when playing online I just wanna get in the darn vehicle and go.

Dude4202675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

How do you know if it's better for gameplay? Don't knock it until you try it.

IMO, they should at LEAST make the enter/exit animations. They don't have make you wait to start up a tank or jet, look at halo. There can be at most a 5 second animation to hop into a vehicle, after that, you start rolling the instant you get in.

These are the types of things that just makes the game more immersive.

Saladfax2675d ago

Don't knock it till you've tried it? Really?

Think of every game which has an animation like that, mostly sandboxy types where there's a split between vehicle-related stuff and foot travel.

My own most recent being Red Faction: Guerilla, I seem to recall a large number of times when I was screaming while Alec was getting into the bloody vehicle and the seventy gun-toting maniacs wouldn't drilled a kajillion holes into my supple body. I sure wasn't shouting, "Wow this is sure immersive!"

Especially for something like multi-player, where all of the snipers are inevitably better than you (or at least me) and can peg you while your character takes his sweet time hopping into the vehicle.

squidyj2675d ago

Any time you get stuck in an animation in Multiplayer it's frustrating

Dude4202675d ago

Lol at the snipers comment. Yeah and how many times did you want to get into a tank, then an opponent spawns closer to it, hops in and pops you in an instant? That also can be frustrating my friend.

Lol at the people who disagree because they think an animation will make things worse. Again, look at halo, each time you enter a vehicle there's an animation, it doesn't even take 3 seconds to get in. Are you riddled with bullets or sniped constantly? No. So how do you know it will be different with battlefield?

Ok fine, how about when a tank has spawned, the lid is left open, it takes TWO seconds to get in, bang, you roll out.

All I really want to say is that if it's done right, the animations should be put in. It doesn't have to be 100% realistic, the soldier could get in ninja style for all I care. IMO, it's things like this that makes the game more engaging.

Dude4202675d ago

Darn can't edit, anyway, here's a clip of Killzone 2, an FPS game. Skip to 1:33, I don't think an animation that fast would hinder MP gameplay.

SilentNegotiator2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

It's not THAT big of a deal, but it would be nice to have one last crack at enemies before they slither their hides into a vehicle.

Raf1k12675d ago

@ Dude; we know it'll be bad because we've played BF games on PC and five seconds getting into a vehicle means you're dead because of how rediculously quickly people can aim and shoot on PC.
Plus, I'm pretty sure the devs have thought about adding animations into the MP experience and may even have tried it to see how well it works. Their decision to not have animations would not have been made on a whim.

Dude4202674d ago

@ Raf1k1

Can you please read my post. I said AT MOST a 5 second animation, it can be 2 seconds for a tank, 4 seconds for a jet (cuz you're in main base) etc...

In my second post, I did mention 2 seconds for a tank though, not everyone are fast shots. Besides, if an opponent gets in a tank before me, I want to at least have a bit of time to hide somewhere or try to shoot him before he pops me.

DeadlyFire2674d ago

Sniper can pop you before you get in with predictable animations. :P

Quasimodox2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

I played as a sniper very often in Battlefield 2, I was able to kill people with M95 who got into a chopper before they take off. It takes about 1 second before the chopper can take off.

Imagine if you add an animation get into the vehicles, that much time would leave your character extremely vulnerable.

While I agree it does take away the sense of reality without the animation, but having the animation or not is really not too big of a deal.

Even if they can make the character invincible during the enter/exit animations, it still makes the characters position become predictable right after the animation ended.

Considering all the reasons above, I think it's better not to have the animation in multiplayer.

(They does seem to have the animation in the single player though.)

frostypants2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Animations like these create problems. You say 5 seconds as if it's not a long time, but that's huge in online play. Even 2 seconds is a LONG time (in BFBC2 a player can line up a head shot from 100 yards without a scope in that time). For example, during that animation, you're obviously no longer controlling your character. What if someone shoots you? Is it fair to get killed while you're not in control? Alternatively, they could make you invulnerable, but that makes it even less immersive and frustrating to the guy who wasted an entire clip on you, and doubly so if you then unload a shell on him.

If they could somehow give us full control of our characters through the entire process of getting situated in the vehicle, with the freedom to shoot as we're getting in and/or jump out quickly, then drawing out the vehicle entry/exit process would be ok, but I don't know of any games that have this yet. That's a lot of logic and coding for a relatively mundane detail.

jeseth2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

I think it would make the game more realistic ... this way if you came up on an enemy about to take over a tank or mounted gun you could shoot them before they just press the "enter" button and start wasting you and your teammates.

Enter/Exit animations in MP would make those losers about to jumo in a tank stay and fight like a man...

Everyone wants realism and praises BF for being more realistic and not as "cheap" as COD but at the push of a button they want to control a hummer with a mounted gun . . .yeah because in real life you don't have to open doors, get in a seat, position your gun, check your ammo, check your gun, . . . .

push button entering is waaaay more realistic! If you want to risk getting in a vehicle then you should be vulnerable for a short period of time.

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ATiElite2675d ago

yeh I'm happy about that cause when the destruct siren is going off I just want out and away from that metal death drap as fast as possible.

Don't need no stinking enter/exit animations but please make sure your character exits the vehicle AWAY from gun fire. I hate exiting and they pop me up on the other side of the vehicle in the line of gun fire...Aarg!

awi59512675d ago

Its lets someone kill you while you cant move so this is a good move.

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JellyJelly2675d ago

Nothing at all. Journalists are taking every chance they get to make BF3 headlines it seems.

Paralex2675d ago

At least MW3 will have these animations. BF3 lost 10 points for me. They're digging themselves a hole every announcement,

egidem2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

I don't mind that either. I'm pretty much used to it in Bad Company 2.

1) Vehicle exit/enter animations would kind of slow things down.

2) This also means that you can quickly enter/exit inside say a tank, helicopter or any other vehicle from pretty much any side of the vehicle without using doors.

3) This also means that multiple people can get inside a vehicle all at once, without the need of forming a queue as if they were on a bus stop :).

I just came from a 3 hour gaming session with my friends playing Rush in Bad Company 2. It was insane. As I write this, I'm high/stoned on Bad Company 2!

socomnick2675d ago

so wrong.

Animations in the mutliplayer would balance vehicle stealing and balance vehicles.

instant pop is so outdated and lame, Halo has vehicle animations and the game is better for it.

The Great Melon2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Halo's vehicle animations are essentially instantaneous. If I recall correctly you can drive the vehicle even though your character is boarding it.

JLeVRT2675d ago

Campaign: I would love enter/exit sequences

Multiplayer: Lets hurry the hell up and drive lol

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blackz0012675d ago

I hope it will be in campaign. It has always a little bit negative taste. It feels more realistic if it has that kind of animation. Well in MP is is better yeah.

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CarlosX3602675d ago

Even though that its a small thing, YES it is news.

ElementX2675d ago

No, this isn't newsworthy. Next up, "dust won't appear when you shoot the ground"

CarlosX3602675d ago

Wow. haters gonna hate. *Rolleyes*

Whatever floats your boat, dude.

YoungKiller252675d ago

Battlefield has never had In/Out animations, news would be that it does have the animations.

Wenis2675d ago


Considering the singleplayer trailer did have an in-vehicle animation, it brought up alot of speculation. So yes I would consider it news in this case.

YoungKiller252675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

OHHH sorry sir didnt know dat
btw i think that was just for Cinematic purposes

ChrisW2675d ago

Slow the pace down? More like it'd make consoles' framerate slow down.

JLeVRT2675d ago

Well, i appreciate that ppl have such high expectations for BF3, that news like this is gettin to the top lol

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callmedom942675d ago

It is in the news section. Yes it is news. News to BF3 gamers. The article talks about the concerns and questions of the bf3 community. The question is now answered.

PhantomT14122675d ago

It's better than: "Battlefield 3 will be 30 FPS on console", "Battlefield 3 on console will have half the frame-rate of PC", "Battlefield 3 won't be at 1080p on consoles"...

matey2675d ago Show
Coffin872675d ago

In the last days, almost 80% of all news were BF3 "related".
"Dev does a poo, thinks about BF3 during"
Getting kinda annoying.

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gijsbrecht2675d ago

I always kind of like those animations; to see your hands grabbing the rungs when climbing ladders, that kind of stuff. It's more immersive. I miss that in most shooters.

04soldier2675d ago

killzone 3 got it right.. in kz3, when u look down u see ure legs and feet.

when entering and exiting mechs theres a 3-5 sec animation of ure character doing so amd also for reloading stationary turrets.

it immerses u into the barren treacherous battlefields of Helghan

gijsbrecht2675d ago

I know exactly what you mean.

Iroquois_Pliskin2675d ago

i love shooters that allow me to see my own foot/hand its just sooooo much more engaging

rezzah2675d ago

Dont forget you leave foot prints too, just look back and youll see them.

DasTier2675d ago

so it was like every halo game since 2001? I guess by the 3rd sequel of a game it must copy some sucessfull elements of competing games.

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NarooN2675d ago

Yeah but we'll see how you feel about that immersion when you try to climb in a jet and it takes a minute or two to actually fly off.

I like animations like that as well, but they need to stay in single-player where they belong.

Dude4202675d ago

It doesn't even have to be like that, 3 seconds, to climb up a ladder, hop in, close the windshield, you're off

HappyGaming2674d ago

We are not talking about ultra realistic animations... Just like in GTA SA CJ jumps into a plane closes the thing and goes... its better than teleporting if you ask me :-/

BeastlyRig2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

I just want them to make the zomming like this!
- h

And not the whole screen just zooming in..
I will be playing both games this year but I really want Bf3 to use that.

SLEDGE2675d ago

Wow, that was accually pretty neat.
Small stuff, but really good.

PhantomT14122675d ago

Off topic but this level looks much like one of the Call of Duty 2 level where you also play as a Soviet sniper...

Maybe they both recreated an existing place...

Anyway, interesting stuff.

Focker4202675d ago

Its an actual recreation of Stalingrad,

PhantomT14122675d ago

Never been there in real life but... bring back memories^^


Markus_Maximus Mark Jackson
@repi I noticed during the BF3 gameplay that the Screen zooms with the scope, Is this going to be in the final version? #immersion

Johan Andersson
@Markus_Maximus yup that is final, too much of a perf hit to render multiple views together with deferred shading "

Well already asked that one dude, looks like it isnt happening :/

Ser2675d ago mean just like every other Battlefield EVER?

What the crap?!