Capcom developing another Monster Hunter PSP title

Capcom has announced that it is working on releasing a new Monster Hunter PSP title for next March. Considering the most recently released title in the franchise was a huge success, this new version should help the PSP even more in Japan.

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goodganja4867d ago


Go f*ck yourselves. We dont want Devil May Cry nor Resident Evil 5 anymore. Who needs you when Konami is still around?

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

predator4867d ago

u dont want resi 5 no more? u need ur head checked

ruibing4867d ago

I still want them, but I think a better apology from them is to make a Resident Evil game for the PSP, that would be cool.

PS360WII4867d ago

They would be fools not to make another MH PSP game. Million sellers each. So is it going to be MHII+ or a spin off or is the Wii exclusivity already done and MHIII will be Wii & PSP?

predator4867d ago

there was reports of the wii version not bein all exclusive, i think its home console exclusive so there could be a handheld version of the game

gamesblow4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

This is actually fitting... Since PSP is more powerful than the wii anyways. It seems like a good home for this kind of game. Last Gen console gets it... next gen portable keeps it. Things aren't so bad for Sony and Cap com when you look at perspectives. "ha" The Wii is a turd...

DemiseofPandas4867d ago

Yeah Im pretty sure they were making additions in kind of an expansion to MH2 for psp, kind of like like metal gear portable ops+. Could be wrong though.

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