Angry Video Game Nerd returns for hilarious Halloween show

If people are a follower of the Angry Video Game Nerds' antics, they will be pleased to hear that the foul-mouthed social outcast has put together a special edition of the show to celebrate Halloween.

In it he reviews three frighteningly bad Atari 2600 titles, games that have more of an impact on his life than he might ever have imagined.

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goodganja4867d ago

AVGN has Jumped the Shark. His older reviews were far more funny. But at the same time, he's boatloads better than that Irate Gamer ripoff.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

BloodySinner4867d ago

I'm getting really tired of this guy...

MK_Red4867d ago

AVGN FTW! Nerd rules but I've got to say that I liked his earlier videos a bit more. The ones with NES games and James just bashing them, insulting them, finishing them and drinking (although I loved the Bugs Bunny among recent ones).

goodganja4867d ago

Yeah. His Bugs Bunny review was extremely funny. AVGN review's sometimes depends on the game itself. You can tell when he's trying to force content out of his show. Fester's Quest and any Atari game shows that.

A good example of him letting it rip is the Silver Surfer review. The game is soo ass difficult that it seemed he could naturally rip that game into pieces. Which he did. I would say out of all the AVGN reviews of 2007, Silver Surfer is the best one. But the Bugs Bunny review shows he still "has it". I think he's just been under pressure and not having the time to make the vids as good as he wants to.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

MK_Red4867d ago

Great point and example. I older vids, he let the game do the talking while nowadays, he's kinda hiding the game behind all other crazy non-game stuff.

Bloodmask4867d ago

I think he is pretty funny. His best video was probably the Sega 32X one. Where it had all the power plugs and they wouldn't fit in the power strip.

This video was pretty good but not his best.

MK_Red4867d ago

Agree that it was not his best. But none of his recent ones were that great in terms of fun.

I loved that 32X one too but my faves are the Ghost Busters Trilogy (3 vids) plus Power Glove and Atari 5200 (Love how in the end the new controller doesn't fit and he screams FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU**.

Bloodmask4867d ago

Ghostbusters is tied with 32X I think for the funniest. The best part about the Ghostbusters vids was when the Nerd was trying to make it up the stairs at the end on the NES version and it was impossible. And he got pissed off bc he had to start the game all over again. Another really good one was the Spiderman episode.

MK_Red4867d ago

God, that stairs part was hilarious. The Ghost food! The ending was also perfect. (Loved the error solving part and "conglaturation !!!").

AliC4867d ago

I enjoy all the AVG Nerd videos, newest one put a smile on my face especially since I am having a crappy day :)

Lets hope he isn't away for to long.

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