Haze Progress Report - "Not all is rosy."

During last week's GameCity event in Nottingham, IGN - and members of the Great British public - had the opportunity to go hands-on with a new section of Free Radical's upcoming drug-fuelled shooter Haze. Taking on the guise of a Promised Land rebel in the game's split-screen two-player co-op mode, they went up against beach-bound Mantel troops before working their way to a hotel on top of some cliffs.

The frame-rate (in the build IGN played at least) seemed rather temperamental, particularly during intense combat sections. However, this could have been down to the fact they were playing split-screen mode, doubling up the work for Sony's mighty PS3. Certainly, they've never experienced this kind of problem during previous single-player hands-on time, so IGN can only hope things are smoothed out prior to the game's release.

Certainly, while most of IGN's complaints should be fairly easy to rectify, IGN was left disappointed by Haze's relative lack of polish at this late stage. In terms of intensity and pacing the game still impresses, suggesting the groundwork for a truly solid FPS is there. Hopefully Ubisoft and Free Radical will have managed to iron out these last few niggles by the time Haze is released, and that the game proves to fulfill its awesome shooter potential.

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InMyOpinion4865d ago

"Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the interior of the hotel, which was disappointing to say the least. First of all, the graphics were hampered by some noticably low-res textures, making wall and objects throughout the lobby look lacklustre. What's more, some areas were sorely underlit and we were often plunged into darkness as we climbed stairwells, which proved to be more frustrating than tension building."

sonarus4865d ago

I noticed those low res textures long ago. Like graphics in some areas are significantly better than in some other areas. Dat seems kinda lazy dnt it.

InMyOpinion4865d ago

I noticed the same thing in Halo 3. Some of the environment textures look stunning (trees for example) while some look shoddy. Also the marines look like crap while the Arbiter and some of the enemies look extremely sharp. Still love the gameplay, and that's what's most important =)

Shadow Flare4865d ago

The title should be, "Haze Progress Report - "AAA prospects looking Hazey". See what i did there?

Haze is one of those games i've kinda just haven't been bothered about recently whereas i was psyched for it at first. But the article did say it was a solid shooter. Maybe something will spark my interest in it again

hazeblaze4865d ago

I think that's going a little far... aside from the complaints in this article, there have not been any other complaints about the game thus far. Even this article states this is the first time they've noticed any framerate issues!!!

The only dissapointment to me are the lack of polish inside the hotel. The game has a tremendous amount of polish in the areas that have been shown so far (as also insinuated in the article)... so I hope that there are not going to be many areas that disappoint.

Anyway, the article does state that the actual gameplay is what we would want from a solid shooter... and that is what matters most. But as I am looking forward to co-op, I would hope they get that ironed out as well as any last minute polish issues. All indications still point to this being one of the great titles of this winter.

TheSadTruth4865d ago

PS3 fans are putting to much of a burden on Haze.. a game that just appeared suddenly out of no where and was hyped up SO much on this site. Halo 3 was expected to be a revolution in many Xbox 360 owners' eyes but it was nothing but just another "great game." (imo at least). Haze has been adopted on n4g to be the next "halo killer" when its more likely to be just "another" shooter. I expect many disagrees but I'm just saying you are ALL going to be heavily disappointed when its released.. just like with Lair.

Nicosia4865d ago

This game kinda went low-key, which is a shame. The devs realy promoted the game, but after a while it went dark.I still believe the little hickups can be fixed, but i also believe this game will be delayed.

hazeblaze4865d ago

Yea, I think that we may see a delay in the game as it still has not gone gold. But it has not gone low key by any means... the game has consistently been in the media every week since before E3. And so far, most media outlets have plenty of good things to say about what they've seen so far. I do think they'll have the game out by Christmas... but I'd hope they at least address framerate issues in the co-op mode (while it is good to hear there are no issues in single player). I can even stomach the occasional area having a lack of detail as all of what I've seen so far is visually amazing.

lawman11084865d ago

I am starting to think only Sony and Insomniac should develop for this "system". This is just not that funny anymore folks, I hope the PSdreamcast holds on until MS drops the Elite $100 bucks in the Spring when GTA4 comes out

trane074865d ago

Ive aleady set myself up for dissapointment if there is any.