Battlefield 3 Vs Modern Warfare 3: How important is framerate for you?

If you are planning on picking up Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3 this year, some interesting developments occured over the weekend, as EA DICE confirmed that Battlefield 3 will only run at 30 fps on console, half the framerate of MW3.
We imagine that this admission by EA DICE will be cause for concern for a lot of console owners looking to buy Battlefield 3, but should the framerate in a game really affect your overall purchase decision?

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Joule4488d ago

If it looks smooth at 30 FPS there is no reason to complain.

TheDareDevil4488d ago

I just want good gameplay. Frame-rate is not really an issue, as 30 fps is good enough. I'm not going to not buy a game just because it runs on 30 fps, it just doesn't make sense.

PhantomT14124488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

you're right. If you only bought 60 FPS games on console you'd be only playing Call of Duty...

It's even one of its key-selling points for which they sacrifice the visual quality. Can't blame them for that even though I think they could have let go to 30 FPS at least for the single-player campaign where it's all about immersion and not competition (I also think 30 FPS gives more dramatic effect than the "too-fast" 60 FPS).

evrfighter14488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

In the console world your argument is unmatched hands down.

But some console gamers think they are pc gamers. I'm sure you see it. "used to be a pc gamer, now I play on consoles" well these are the fools imo who would buy a 60fps title over a 30.

I see a lot of people blaming the ps3 fanboys for this controversy. I dont think so. They get a free pass this time as I believe its the ex pc gamers. Most of them bought ps3's and most of them played bf2.

Simply put they want pc gaming for the price of a ps3.

Tank_Commander_E64488d ago

The more important feature is dedicated servers. What's the point of 60fps if you can't kill what's in front of you because of lag.

RedDead4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

Yeah 30FPS is fine, I would prefer those visuals @ 30 than Cod's @ 60

Not to mention... destroyable environment, vehicles, bigger map

Dart894488d ago

Yea i agree as long as BF3 is at a steady 30fps i'm good.

theonlylolking4488d ago

I bet you praise RAGE's graphics when it looks worse than MW2


I am all for 60fps but for this gen I want 30fps. Next gen I want 60fps games.

StanLee4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

Man some of you are straight up lying. I know when I play Call of Duty and try to play any other online multiplayer it's a huge readjustment because other games feel sluggish and an even greater challenge going from Halo Reach or BFBC2 back to Call of Duty; I have to lower my sensitivity to 1 or 2 because I feel like I'm playing on acid. Framerate is hugely important to how fluid a game feels, how the controller input responds. There is a reason people say Call of Duty feels the way it does, it's the framerate.

Deputydon4488d ago


To be fair. Rage is an open world game. And it looks far better than say, FO3/NV. It's hard to tell if it'll be better graphically than Skyrim since the art style is obviously completely different. But for an open world game it looks fantastic.

MW2 sucks though. Long Live BC2!

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Clarence4488d ago

Well said. MW2 looked like crap and it had issues even at 60fps. MW3 will be the same.
BF3 will be amazing I'm sure of that.

joydestroy4488d ago

it'll be 60FPS for us PC kids =P

Da_Evil_Monkey4488d ago

No it won't, it will be whatever framerate your hardware and your graphics settings give you.

Stop acting like every PC gamer runs games at full settings 60FPS, some do, but your experience is based almost entirely on your hardware.

joydestroy4488d ago

okay, let me rephrase for the mentally challenged... it CAN be 60FPS for us PC kids.

every PC gamer might not run games at full settings, but this one does!

Hufandpuf4488d ago

I'll be playing on PC so it doesn't matter. I just need money to make one now.

vortis4487d ago

For $200 you can grab a gaming rig off eBay that will play BF3 just fine.

Just saying...

Deputydon4488d ago

MW2 - 60FPS. 75% Online Lag.
BC2 - 30 FPS. 10% Online Lag.

I'll take the second one.

I'd imagine it'll be about the same for MW3 and BF3.

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Kon4488d ago

30FPS is good. 30FPS with destruction vehicles and super graphics is even better.

Jappy-k74487d ago

yes but console version won't have that umm super graphics....

shadowwizard4488d ago

If it's stable locked 30 FPS I'm good, if not, I will see if I'm gonna buy the game...

STK0264488d ago

30 fps is fine for BF3 as it has a somewhat more tactical gameplay and a slower pace. However, for an arena-style game like CoD, 60 fps is a must. While I'd play Bf3 at 30, the same can't be said about CoD.

Two different gameplay styles, two different technical requirements.

PhantomT14124488d ago

While I agree to some extent, you never have too much frame-rate (except in films). Battlefield 3's single-player has a documentary style and I think 60 FPS would've gave it more "liveness" as most of the TV reports now are filmed with very smooth digital camera.

STK0264488d ago

To me, every game could benefit from 60 fps, mainly action, racing and sports game, but I know we can't expect every game to run at 60 on current consoles. If I only had a console to game on, I wouldn't mind BF3 running at 30, but I wouldn't bother playing a CoD without a 60 fps framerate. I know a lot of people on N4G don't like CoD, but I still think it offers a great fast paced twitch shooter experience, and most of it is due to its relatively stable 60 FPS.

I don't think BF3 on console running at 30 fps is a problem, as it will surely be a stable and solid 30 with beautiful graphics and awesome gameplay.

godsinhisheaven4488d ago

As long as the framerate is steady at 30 fps, i'm fine with it.