assassins creed now oficially for xbox 360

Assassin's Creed Xbox 360-bound
Ubisoft comes clean, reveals its medieval stealth game is heading to Microsoft's next-gen console same day as PS3.
By Tim Surette, GameSpot
Posted Sep 1, 2006 12:01 am PT
Lance Bass had one. Milli Vanilli had one. Ubisoft had one. It took some time, but eventually all their poorly kept secrets came out, and in the gaming world, it means Xbox 360 owners will be very happy.

Ubisoft today finally revealed that its anticipated game Assassin's Creed will be coming to the Xbox 360, as many had suspected. The announcement comes a day after the publisher admitted the game would be headed for the PC.

The news settles one of the hottest topics in the gaming world this year, as debate over whether or not the game was sneaking onto the Xbox 360 in addition to the PlayStation 3 raged. Though initially announced at Microsoft's X05 event as Project Assassins in 2005, the game was first shown off as Assassin's Creed and revealed as a PlayStation 3 game at E3 2006--an Xbox 360 and PC version was not mentioned.

Eyebrows were raised at other systems' exclusion, especially since it was originally revealed as an Xbox 360 title. Rumors ran amok all year, as a few believed the E3 demo was being shown on Xbox 360 dev kits, some sites said a loose-lipped Ubi rep confirmed a 360 version at France's Interactive Digital Entertainment Festival, and another Web site posted a preview of the Xbox 360 version.

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bohemian 235868d ago

I can't wait until Kingboy,Lametime,and 360borrowed time read this one. All of you Pos3 fanboys can eat your words!!!!!!! Face it Sony's list of "exclusive titles" is getting smaller every day. Who knows by launch they might still have a couple left.

HyperBear5868d ago

cant wait to hear a response from them. They are prolly thinking of a way to flame it and talk more BS.

HyperBear5868d ago

We all knew it was coming anyways, but really, how far do we have to punch it in, this is what the 7th or 8th article on AC coming to 360 alone. Im still getting it for PS3 though, I just feel that the 1st announced version of a game usually turns out to be the best. but now my 360 gamers can experience too on our system

kingboy5868d ago (Edited 5868d ago )

good news..and let`s make this clear..really i don`t come hear for the 360 but just happends that fanboys talk alot of sh*t about sony which provokes me ,leaving no option but to fire back at them..really i never gave a [email protected] at what the 360 has .. the only game i will even buy on that system is Gears of war(freaking hot)thanks to my connections in the industry i would never have to buy the console to play it.

Islandkiwi5868d ago

Originally called an xbox360 game....shown at e3 on an xbox360 (allegedly)....then for months sold as a ps3 exclusive...only to crawl back to xbox360.

Never during an interview did they say "we're looking into bringing this to other consoles". It was always "as of now exclusive to ps3." Was there a contract with Sony? Did MS come forward with some cash? I want to hear the full story, because frankly I feel this company has been jerking fans around for no reason.