Turning Your Xbox 360 into a Media Extender

The 360 is a high-def capable piece of electronics, so even if the media on your PC is 720p or higher, you can stream it. If you take photos in high-res, for example, they can look fantastic on a high-def TV screen. High-def movies that you've downloaded or created on your own translate perfectly through the 360.

There are two ways to go about sharing media with your Xbox 360, and they depend on whether or not you wish to use Media Center. If you do, that's fine; otherwise, you can share media through the standard interface (which is simpler). The difference between the two methods is this: By sharing through Media Center, you can stream recorded TV through the 360. Otherwise, you can only share formats compatible with your Xbox 360.

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TheMART4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

What also is working great... When you don't want to stream from a PC that's on all the time:

Buy an external USB 2.0 HDD (a large one :P)
Get it formatted in HFS+ (mac format), use Macdrive 7.
You can download/put HD movies on the external USB 2.0 through your PC, hook it onto the 360 and play away.

No HD-DVD or BluRay player nescessary, no discs that can scratch. This is a way better format (streaming or external USB HDD) to use if you're a movie fanatic!


Video Formats: WMV, H.264, MPEG-4, and PlaysForSure (for HD WMV)
Audio Formats: WMA, WMA Pro, WMA Loseless, MP3
Picture Formats: JPEG

It's rumored to get DivX support with the Fall Update

Sam Fisher4871d ago

thats actually cool i was begining to wonder that ps3 is the best in movie selection (well mainly everything except 4 games)

TheMART4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

Yup it's cool. In normal FAT32/NTFS format it has a 4GB limit or something like that. With HFS+ there is no problem with files as large as you like.

I know multiple people using an external HDD, they download on their PC, then connect it to their 360 and a 500 GB HDD, for example a beatifull one like the Porsche designed ones, are about 100 Euro or so. A steal of a deal if you ask me


@ Sjappie (below)

First format the HDD in HFS+, use Macdrive 7, Windows normally isn't able to see HFS+ if I'm right. Then just put the HD movies on the HDD, and plug the drive into any USB slot of the 360.

You'll be able to play them directly on your 360!

thereapersson4871d ago

Hopefully this holiday we can get divx capability for each console so we can stream them without conversion.

sjappie4871d ago

can you just plug that 500 GB hd into your 360 with usb?

DZNetworks4871d ago

Not to mention IPTV at some point in time.

sak5004871d ago


NTFS file systems supports more than 4gb, i've d/l HD movies of 8+GB in size on NTFS.

wageslave4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

@The Mart

I do this (HD movies via USB external drive) and it is NTFS. Why bother with the mac formatting?

Its not necessary.

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mesh14871d ago

me i care about games tbh bu tnice to see 360 is capable of doing every thing and then some with the amazing games coing out this year and next year .

sjappie4871d ago

I used that for over a year, and suddenly it didn't work anymore. I deleted the program and wanted to download it again and it wasn't available anymore. I tried to install Zune but it wouldn't let me.

Grown Folks Talk4871d ago

with wmp 11. if you install windows media player 11 you can set up media sharing & do the same thing as wmc.

DZNetworks4871d ago

Upgrade your xp machine to media center 2005 rollup2.. Some machines take it some dont.

sjappie4871d ago

I already tried WMP11, but it has really louzy map sharing options, and it only streamed a small part of my content to my 360. And I already had the MC 2005 rollup.

N4GayFanturds4871d ago

First, this article fails to mention that you can view, pause & record Live TV via 360 with the Windows Media Center functionality.

Secondly, what else is cool, is anytime you're watching RECorded video, Live TV or listening to music\viewing photos, you can still communicate (chat & voice) to people on your Friends List.

Now think about this; add on the fact that via Windows Media Center, you can d/l movies thru Vongo (and other apps) as well as d/l movies from XBL Marketplace and you've got yourself a media juggernaut!

andy0014871d ago

Using the 360 as a media extender can be a pain if you use certain codecs. The 360 only supports a small number of codecs, and this meant I had the choice of converting all of my media to Microsoft friendly formats or use something like tvercity.

wageslave4871d ago

A small number of codecs? No.

As The Mart says above:
"Video Formats: WMV, H.264, MPEG-4, and PlaysForSure (for HD WMV) "

The only codec of note that is missing is DivX, and that is what TVersity or a transcoder is for.

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