VG247: Spencer confirms Kinect support for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

VG247: Microsoft Game Studios boss Phil Spencer has confirmed in an interview that Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition will have some sort of Kinect support.

yourfather4548d ago

inb4 kinect hater blah blah blah for just optional support

Paradicia4547d ago

Raise hand to flip warthog :D

Kyur4ThePain4547d ago (Edited 4547d ago )

Yourfather, You do realize that a post like that just makes you seem to be a desperate defender, right?

4547d ago
Raven_Nomad4547d ago

I wonder what it could be honestly? Maybe voice commands or something?

I own a Kinect and I don't mind the "optional" Kinect integration.

The Meerkat4547d ago

Maybe it will allow you to slap Guilty Spark.

ksense4547d ago Show
Kyur4ThePain4547d ago

Voice commands should be done via the standard headset.

Dart894547d ago

When we play it will we look something like this??XDDD.

Godmars2904547d ago (Edited 4547d ago )

Just confirms that Halo 4 will have it too.

So if they're going to include it in a remake, they're not going to put it into a sequel? There's no logic to it?

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Garethvk314d ago

The Callisto Protocol has some gross ones as did the Doom, Dead Space, and Quake games.

cooperdnizzle314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

That had to be one of the worst list I have ever seen.. The flood from Halo makes the list? Left for dead? Terrible list… they didn’t even mention silent hill or Bloodborne. Obviously they haven’t played too many games.


Original Xbox Can Be Emulated On Steam Deck Using Xemu Emulator

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gamerz493d ago

Happy these games can live on through emulation instead of being lost to platform cycles.

Pedrof493d ago

Very interesting, but on the video Halo doesn't seem 60 fps to me, at all.


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