New Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 screenshots

Strategy Informer has released 4 new screenshots from the Wii version of Medal of Honor: Heroes 2.

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Sam Fisher4865d ago

no more world war 2 plz GIVE UP call of duty even stoped 4 crying out loud!!!! how many is this now the tenth 1 now jesus F***ing christ!!!! 4 the love of the all mighty him/her self!!!!!

PS360WII4865d ago

Heh yea I hear ya on that. I think WWII is well over played. It's funny some are saying they can't make video games of now because it'll offend the people fighting and their families... So I guess we don't care about the people and families of the WWII generation..?

Monteblanco4865d ago

I know I am minority but I really dig WW2 games, they can't make enough of them to please me.