PSM3 Preview: Silent Hill V

With the departure of original designers Team Silent (now, sadly, disbanded) the Silent Hill series has two options - capture the spirit of the originals or lose the magic completely. And that's the cross American developers The Collective have to bear, with only composer and part-time producer Akira Yamaoka remaining from the original team.

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Prismo_Fillusion4870d ago

I agree with the article.
1. They took art direction ideas from the movie.
2. They took plot direction ideas from Jacob's Ladder. (which by the way you should see if you're a SH fan - a lot of the effects in the games are taken from this movie)

I realize that with a new team it might be worrisome to be "too" innovative - for fear of ruining the game. Also the fact that SH4 was the worst of the series may play into this. But bleh, I'd like to see some original ideas; not just rehashes from movies and SH2.

Anyway, this is all speculation - and maybe the game will be amazingly scary. Hopefully, at least.

TheExecutive4870d ago

To me, if this game fails it will be one of the biggest disappointments of this generation. However, if the series disappears if this game fails it will be one of the largest disappointments in gaming period.

TheExecutive4870d ago

They really rip into the game, but their points are valid. Being a HUGE Silent Hill fan I think they capture the essence of what makes SH creepy and fun. I loved The Room for that original, weird, very creepy story. Making it into a Resident Evil 1.5 would kill this series.

predator4870d ago

to above, i agree in some cases., in some ways the need to go back to the roots of the game and build on that, new team = new ideas for the franchise hopfully they will and it pays off

KidMakeshift4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Sadly it's true. Enough of the same locations and enemies (how many times must we go the hospital and fight the same-ol' nurses?), and please don't reference the movie too much (especially, all the god awful stuff involving the little girl).

At least it can't be as bad as Silent Hill 4: The Room. Who thought it was a good idea to make a boring 4 hour game with some of the most annoying enemies and pointless objectives, then make the player have to play it all over again while escorting a worthless character. Not to mention there's a "Nemesis-like" enemy who can't die that hunts you down.

Even If 5 (and possibly Origins) sucks, we have Alan Wake, Alone In The Dark, Condemned 2, Dead Space, Fatal Frame Wii, Rainy Woods, Etc. all coming out early next year.

Does anyone know if there's a translation guide or forum for Imabikisou yet? I think I might make a false one for fun since I have little idea of what's happening. If anyone want's to import it then pm me cause I have a $5 coupon from that's going to expire soon, and I have no use for it.

monkey6024870d ago

I'm more excited for SH:Origins than SH5 but thats because i'm not at home with my ps3, wii or 360 for the weekdays. Its also the first PSP game I have been excited about for quite some time.


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