Rumour: Anticipated PS3 2.0 firmware any day now

The much-talked about PS3 2.0 firmware could be with us within days, following new 2.0-compatible features being added to PSP. Newly-released PSP 3.72 firmware contains new Remote Play features which require the associated PS3 to be running on firmware version 2.0 - which has been hyped to high heaven within PS3 internet communities.

Among a whole slew of new features, PS3 version 2.0 is widely expected to add the ability to browse the Cross Media Bar menu while running a game, drastically improving the console's overall functionality.

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monkey6024869d ago

I've been waiting so long for this that I have actually lost the ability to care for when we get it I cant help but think I'll be dissapointed in what it brings anyway. Home was the reason I wanted this.

highps34868d ago

Where do people get this BS?

No there wont be in game XMB PERIOD. Sure the update is soon, and im sure it will be a bigger than normal update, but stop hyping it or else you will be really disappointed.

illizit4868d ago

Your wrong high, in-game xmb is coming.

xhi44869d ago

it'll be such a great day for ps3 owners, it's like everything we've been asking for and more!

Hope they include divx support, flash 9 player support, faster online browser etc. as well. i think they are introducing the new flash player, but not sure about the others.

Anyway, i hope the fall update for the 360 comes with the IPTV option, that would be pretty cool.

But yer, I've been waiting for 2.00 for so long!

Kleptic4868d ago

I thought the fall update was confirmed to not have IPTV?...iirc anyway, could be wrong though...

whateva4869d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

this is the same thing I posted only thing different is that it was me saying it and not CVG.

But they made me change My story because I didn't have any proof that it was coming soon.

Edit: why do people disagree with facts?

@ "Einherjaren" get what stories straight? what are you talking about?

Einherjaren4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

Well you better get your stories straight then..

@ They said you had no about getting some..

DolphGB4869d ago

Which is why I didn't post our version of the same story - out of respect for the original material. Should have been added as an additional source only.

Bury this please NewsBots...

happyjimmy4869d ago

They said the 30th so im not falling for this again.

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The story is too old to be commented.