Mutant Storm Empire: Eurogamer Review

Eurogamer writes: "And then the game stops warming up and becomes interesting. Rather than sticking rigidly to the idea of having to finish five rooms in a row per level, and going back to the start of whichever level you're on when you lose your six starting lives, it does single-chamber levels of longer length, and it does levels where you're as a passenger, trapped between a pair of vertical laser beams which sweep along a pathway of stationary turrets, floods of explosive blocks and colourful spaceships. Pillars, and changes in arena shape - sometimes mid-level - force you to adjust strategies that worked perfectly well out in the open, and the audacity of certain variations raises a smile to hardened lips."

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wageslave4875d ago

I just played the demo on Xbox LIVE arcade, and this game does indeed rock. like. crazy.

Go check out the demo if you have a Xbox 360. Its great.