Ratchet and Clank Team rips on Aaron Thomas (gamespot) Review

In the latest fullmoon show from insomniac games, a couple of the crew discuss some reviews of the game. The crew are appreciative of the reviews after checking metacritic and gamerankings. They state that out of 21 scores, only 4 are below 90 with 3 perfect scores. They were concerned about critics to the "returning to roots" approach to the game, but people have received it very well.

One of the reviews had sticked out to them which prompted the crew to say "If you hate variety, than you've got a problem.", "play more sports games", and "we will not mention the media outlet".

After the discussion with their mystery guest, they speak to Ross Macintosh . The crew discusses their "gamespot resistance: fall of man tournament." Ross quickly reminded the rest of the crew that the tournament is now called "the resistance: fall of man tournament with the website whose name we shall no longer mention" in a jokingly manner.

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gamesblow4868d ago

I listened to it earlier and they were insinuating more than anything. They didn't come out and out say the POON DARTS name or even the sites, but we all know what they were talking about. More so when one of the guys was like "Go review more sports games" "ahhahaha.... Loved it!

Kururo4868d ago

and out of all the reviews on metacritic and gamerankings there is only one review that thinks negatively about the variety in the gameplay.

xhi44868d ago

why bother with gamespot and 1up, I only like 1up's show. And Gamespot's Jeff is the only non-biased reviewer, but he didn't reply to my email. So i'm kind of pissed, but what can you do, it's gamespot.

I mean what could they have replied saying? Umm yeah that's all true but, we stick by Aeron, because well, yeah. lol

BrianC62344867d ago

I say the next R&C game should have lots of sports mini games in it. Maybe that will get them a perfect score from you know who.

gaffyh4867d ago

Although this guy totally deserves to be ripped, I would have hoped that Insomniac would have shown a little more class and talked about this issue more professionally :( .Oh well :)

Proxy4867d ago

only proves their accusations are acurate.

They more or less say one unnamed review said the variety was a bad thing and everyone imediately thinks of GameSpot. Had GameSpot said no such thing, it wouldnt' happen that way.

Bubble Buddy4867d ago

The fool who reviewed ratchet in Gamespot, should go lose some weight and play wii sports (Y)

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LSDARBY4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

Gamespot just fails, its a chavy, tacky, biased site. That needs to stop taking the green.

Leg-End4867d ago

absolute chav! yanks won't know wtf ur talkin bout lol

dantesparda4866d ago

you can say that again ;-)

But I guess it translate in to "d!ckheads"

C_SoL4868d ago

...damn fat a$$hole....go review some sport games instead of hatin on R&C.

WisinYandel4867d ago

Burn that guy... BURN HIM!!! :P

IdontTakeSides4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

"go review some sport games instead' turd...

i say the next time gamespot reviews an insomniac game which will be will be a perfect 10...LOL...well it will be ne ways...

blacsheep4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

a SPOT on the face of gaming that is so annoying it continues to ooze puss( the puss is biased reviews coz they prefer microsoft & are they owned by microsoft? not sure answers on a postcard!) and its stubborness to go away no matter how much or hard we squeeze! and there you have it a stubborn GAMESPOT!