PC Gamer reviews Crysis: 98%

According to Voodoo Extreme VE3D, users multiple forums are reporting that Crysis receives a review score of 98% in the December issue of PC Gamer (US). A post in the Half-Life 2 forum quotes from the PC Gamer review:

Highs: A graphical powerhouse, immersive, open-ended sandbox that encourages emergent gameplay, well-placed storyline, meticulously detailed; engrossing multiplayer, included map editor.

Lows: Alien AI not as spectacular as North Korean AI; enemies can sometimes absorb too much damage; a few minor glitches.

Bottom Line: Destined to be a classic, Crysis is a creative and technological marvel that eclipses every other shooter released this year.

The review mentions the single player campaign takes around 12 hours to complete.

In addition, VE3D reports that PC Action (a German magazine) gives Crysis 9.2 out of 10, which has already been posted in N4G earlier. Please note that these reports and scores are not yet verified.

(VE3D via NeoGAF, Half-Life 2 and InCrysis forums)

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Korosuke4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

PC oriented FPS is getting fewer titles recently :(
So it's good news, Crysis is light for PC FPS. Can't wait =D

predator4869d ago

cool cant wait to build my new pc and get this

MK_Red4869d ago

Great find but I think 9.8 is a bit too high.

ShiftyLookingCow4869d ago

have you played the demo? Its more than graphics. The huge maps and the nanosuit at least personally add a lot to the game, I have already played it as much as Bioshock demo. It wont be right to compare Crysis to Bioshock for art, they are totally different in that case.

mighty_douche4869d ago

this is gonna get me alot of diagrees here but its my opinion so here goes.. well after playing the demo over and over its easily the best FPS of the year, ive played bioshock, ive played halo 3 (both 10/10 games) and neither hold a candle to this game.

admittedly, with out a top spec computer this game will be very disappointing, but crytek stated time and time again this game was gonna be hard to run.

theres only 2 future FPS shooters coming that have anychance of improving on crysis, Far Cry 2, similier format to crysis, and of course the legendary KillZone 2.

once again this is all IMO, so please dont go mental at me for saying somethings better than halo.

Rooted_Dust4869d ago

Why would you say it doesn't deserve a 98%? You need to look beyond Crysis's insane level of spit and polish and realize that there is more to this game than just graphics.

mesh14869d ago

ive alwsy said ingore MK RED/MEUS THEY are kids that only have a name on n4g as realolife is harsher than the net they nothing about games or the industry but can right sentence like a doctor with the best spellign blah blah blah the are no real gamers.crysis story line does not seem ground bre\king but the game is very very very good if u have a £3000 pc itd deserves that score but not a 10

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fermcr4869d ago

Crysis is arriving... along with other great games this November for the PC. October already hade great games. And some are saying PC gaming is dead. It's good to be a PC gamer :) Like my consoles... but love my PC.

predator4869d ago

to some of the above, i have seen game demos of this game (have not played the demo) and i have also got bioshock and halo 3 for the 360. now u can not compare bioshock/halo 3 to crysis. they are completly different shooters, bioshock - art style, 60s enviroment, use of plasmids, story driven. Halo 3- complete all out madness and massive multiplayer. now crysis is a new standered of graphic power for the PC, also differnt style of play than bio and halo 3, may a say to be more realistic.

Now all these 3 are amazing games but to compare them to each other is unfair

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