Metal Gear Solid 4 delayed to Q2 2008

According to the Konami's latest press release MGS4 has been delayed to Q2 2008 and is now scheduled to hit between April and June.

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Rikitatsu4871d ago

if its going to be perfect , i don't mind waiting a few months

batrao4871d ago

it must be real hard to be loyal to sony, all u get r delays, delays, delays. Now I know all u gonna say is, "well if it makes the game perfect I can wait because right now im playing Ratchet and Clank", give me a break because i know deep down inside it is killing u that your best game right now is Ratchet and Clank which is totally unimportant. None of your games to date is important. I mean have any your exclusives have any mid nite madness openings or a special show on g4tv on release nite, NO, Y, because your games r a disappointment. Face it ps3 your days are numbered.

MADGameR4871d ago

GOOD news! Considering its PS3's top game! They are probably adding a few content or maybe fixing a few bugs who knows.


How do you equate delays with perfection? Perhaps they had been lying to you all along. Perhaps Q2 is a reasonable amount of time to wait and see if the PS3 sells any better, still time to recoup development costs and make it a 360 game. Believe me this delay is not about creating a glitch free game as that notion doesn't even exist, but rather, they are or have been stalling the real development progress to assist Sony's propoganda campaign. You all know that the PS3's main concern is Blu-ray, your lying to yourself and others if you say otherwise. You are all loyal people which makes you all right in my book, but this whole Sony is god thing is sounding a bit too close to North Korea's Kim Jong-il is God. Propoganda is proven to work as we have seen over the centuries, and this is no different. Besides who outside of early PS3 adopters care about MGS anyway? Anyone looking for some realism in the spy genre play Splinter cell, this delay is not news that the majority of gamers care about. Buy a 360 and get back to gaming or have you been out of practice to long?

masterg4871d ago

I find it funny that all the negative comments are from xbox owners.

I Personally have no problem with this at all. I know that UT3 is going to keep me busy for ages. Plus of course COD4 and Haze just the name the multiplayer games.

Nervsys4871d ago

"1.4 -
I find it funny that all the negative comments are from xbox owners.

I Personally have no problem with this at all. I know that UT3 is going to keep me busy for ages. Plus of course COD4 and Haze just the name the multiplayer games. "

I have to say I find it rather weird how all the PS3 posts here are acting like its a good thing - waiting even longer for a game. Sony must have got you wrapped so tight round their little finger.


I've said it quite a while back and now it has come to pass that this game would be delayed again. Metal Gear Solid 4 in many people's eyes, especially Hideo Kojima's is a masterpiece. That being said, it is costing alot of cash to make this game and the problem is NOT them needing extra time to work on the game, in fact, the game could have been released this year, and definitely by the beginning of the new year, but with a game of this magnitude, at least for the PS3, it is in Konami's interest to hold the game off until there is a larger install base for the PS3. If you release this game with the current install base, you shoot yourself in the foot as there would be alot less sales right now for this game as opposed to later next year when the PS3 has picked up the pace a bit. Once a game is released, after the initial month, the crazy hype that surrounds a game diminishes, not saying that there will not still be alot of people talking about the game, it just won't pack quite the same punch next Christmas if it released so early in the year, and we all know Christmas is the time when you have alot of buyers. I called this awhile back, I mean why release a game of this magnitude when people will be still suffering from the Christmas hangover??? This was never Konami's plan, they just told us that to garner more sales of the ps3, when the truth is, and you can quote me on this.....Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the patriots will NOT be released before August of 2008. And even then it will run the risk of being pushed back again to throw it into the holiday sales race, to maximize sales. I know this is unpopular, but it is the truth.

...I agree 100% with this, as it is the truth and nothing but the truth!!

You don't have to buy another console, but please stop believing you are anything other than Guinea Pigs to Sony Corporation!

Microsoft may duck and dodge but I can't recall any of their release statements turning out to be lies to further sales.

WisinYandel4871d ago

UT3 and Killzone 2 will keep me busy.

sonarus4871d ago

WTF are you talkin about. Pretty much all games get delayed am sure 360 had its share of delays when it was coming out. As far as i am concerned i wasnt even aware MGS was coming out in Q1 i thought it was Q2. Ps3 may have had some really annoying delays recently i.e. stranglhold and medal of honor but those werent even games i was ever considering purchasing. There are lots of ps3 games coming out before then to hold me till MGS4. You 360 fanboys can try to spin a 2month delay as negative as u can its jst unfortunate that i will enjoy the game and you wnt. Look at too human got delayed so bad not even sure if it has a release date now.

Mainman4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

Unlike what IRISHCALIBER and all the X-bot's say MGS4 being delayed is a good thing.

I am a hardcore MGS fan. All other games added up, doesnt equal MGS imo.

I dont know what the reason is why Konami delayed it. But if it is Kojima productions asking for the delay, then it is definately to tweak the game. If it was Konami's decision, then it was for economical reasons, but this still gives Koji productions the oppertunity to tweak the game.
We will probably hear the real reason for this in Ryan Payton's podcast next week.

Now, the original plan was that MGS4 would feature FULLY destructible environment, but this was dropped in 2006 due to hardware issues (now it is supposed to have semi-destructible environment). Kojima productions might have found a way to implement fully destructible environment back into the game and could be the reason for being delayed.

And oh, IRISHCALIBER, you are right if you say, 'delay doesnt mean a perfect game' with most if not all developers, but not with Kojima productions. You can be certain, with this delay, MGS4 will be the best game it can be.

And haters, keep on hating, because it makes me LMAO.

lawman11084871d ago

Once again a 'Front line" PS3 game is delayed. This is just NOT even funny anymore just SAD

spec_ops_comm4871d ago

You guys are all saying "Haha stupid PS3 owners - you only have Ratchet to play until MGS4 6 months from now LMAO"

Uhhhhh... You do realize we can play the same games being released now for the 360, right? That's why they're called multiplatform - because they're on MULTIPLE platforms.

So, I'll be playing Guitar Hero 3, Call of Duty 4 and whatever else you guys have until MGS4 in Q2 2008. Have fun with the rest of your killer exclusives, btw.

jessupj4871d ago

you know what lawman? You're getting very predictable, you know why? Because everytime I see your name and I think to myself before I read your post, 'I bet your post is purely just gonna be fanboy talk'. And low and behold, I was right again. Do you even know your a completely bias fanboy?

Yes delays are a little disappointing, but in project management 90% of the time delays occur. You have to be really good and really lucky if your team is on scheduel the whole scope of the project.

I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say I would much rather wait a few more months for a much better game, then have it now with bugs and errors. Like I said, it's annoying, but it's worth it. (granted some people get more annoyed then others).

Hideo is a perfectionist, he wants the game to be perfect. I'm sure if he had his way he wouldn't be happy about the game until another 2 years from now lol.

sicknnyc4871d ago

XBOTS Are lame When did KONAMI=SONY? Answer: for XBOTs its when they announced the exclusive :p GO get a tampon xbots your vag is leaking

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JokesOnYou4871d ago

however I can't say I'm *surprised.


Baba19064871d ago

its not that bad =D. we will survive it. i just cant hide it. come on come on come on thats the way i like it. no honestly i prefer a perfect game than a half finished one.

C_SoL4871d ago

obviously you don't know what games r coming for the PS3 between now & next spring....this is fine for me..GTAIV & MGS4 will keep me busy that season...

kingboy4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

this is unfortunate for people like you who own the xbox 360 and wouldn`t get a piece of the action

monkey6024871d ago

I must say I was blown away by the originality of JiggyJag's post there

Kleptic4871d ago

what are 360 fanboys hoping to get out of this?...a ps3 owner to buy a 360 and wait for mass effect?...and then what exactly? Gears 2? Halo wars?...are those all thats up for the next few years so far on a 360?...or are you people still under the impression that the future doesn't matter because the 360 already has enough good games...

the game was originally rumored for early its April, May or June...bfd...there are plenty of games coming between now and then...what exactly does a 360 owner have in Q2 2008...or in ALL of 2008 for that matter to even remotely compare to MGS4?

Boldy4871d ago

Fable 2
Left 4 Dead
Project Offset
Ninja Gaiden 2
Alan Wake
Infinate Undiscovery
Too Human
Banjo Kazooie 3
Dog Tag
Splinter Cell: Conviction

Is that enough for you?

smirx4871d ago

I wouldn't really say it's unfortunate. I don't even care about this game. The games I want will all be out by Christmas. That's faster than I can afford to buy them.

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the worst4871d ago

this is good
now i could focus on killzone2 now

THAMMER14871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

Q1 or Q2 or what? Have you noticed that MGS and Kill zone ore both shooters?

Oh well You have a PS3 not me right, so yeah enjoy the wait.

edit: What I'm saying is people alway knock the 360 for its shooters and the most anticipated games for the PS3 are shooters. And yes MGS4 and Splinter Cell are steath shooters. Also why sit around waiting.

Edit: What I'm saying is people always knock the 360 for its shooters and the most anticipated games for the PS3 are shooters. And yes MGS4 and Splinter Cell are stealth shooters. Also why sit around waiting.

Again you people have PS3's right so you do not mind the wait. I'm a shooter gamer who happen to not act like I can not see that the PS3 fan base is ultra hypocritical.

cr33ping_death4871d ago

by your logic...splinter cell is yet ANOTHER shooter for the 360......that is what you are trying to say right?????

monkey6024871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

Thammer that was a stupid point to make. What are Bioshock, Halo, Mass Effect and a long list of the 360's best games?? Shooters. yeah there happens to be more diversity in any of the Playstation's libraries than the xboxs so don't say that.

EDIT: those that disagree'd I would just like you to know that I do own a 360 and I do like the machine but i was just stating what most people already know.

EDIT: Thammer I would like to think I am not a hypocrite if I saw your comment under the name of a PS3 I would have said pretty much the same thing

Happy Halloween to all (even those who disagree'd :D!)

lawman11084871d ago

You are on crack, and how do you know that game will even be good? The first KZ was a C- game AT BEST. You guys sure put all of your eggs in one basket just to have them CRUSHED. DELAYEDB3YOND

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IdontTakeSides4871d ago

hmm..why is it unfortunate for us..are we having a game drought on the PS3..??...I think not...besides I dont like when great games come out all at the same time....

JokesOnYou4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

for many this is one of the biggest games that ps3 owners were waiting for, and for some this is THE most anticipated game, so in that sense its unfortunate they will have to wait longer to play it, naaaaaah nevermind what am I thinking of course none of you sonykids mind waiting longer, Konami decided to delay the game "to make further improvements", thats always better than releasing it with problems, like #3 said, this is "sweet" news for ps3 owners=


Snukadaman4871d ago

well it looks like you picked a side your name is null and void...

IdontTakeSides4871d ago

YUP i choose a side alright...and the name is all in irony get over it....

monkey6024871d ago

Well regardless of wether people are phazed by this news or not of course this is unfortunate news no reason to pretend it isnt, I know many people going to be annoyed by this. Even though I stated below why this is probably better I cant help but feel a little dissapointed. I'm not going to lie and pretend this is great news.

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monkey6024871d ago

I wish I didnt see this one coming but unfortunately I did, Oh well lately I havent had time or money for games so at least this gives me an oportuntity to play it the same time as everyone else.